Pondicherry Travel Guide

State Pondicherry

On the Coromandel coast, 162 km s of Chennai

Pondicherry Travel Guide

Pondicherry: An Overview

Just guess what is common among the following. Colonial architecture, clean virgin beaches, tree-lined boulevards, endless stretches of, backwaters, conversation in French, roads converging exactly at right angles. You are right, it is Pondicherry or Puducherry also called the French Riviera of the East.
Pondicherry is a curious combination of French suaveness with traditional Tamil culture. However the real charm of Pondicherry lies in its laid back attitude. No body seems in a hurry and the city moves on its own easy pace. Thus it becomes a perfect weekend getaway for the stressed out work force of nearby cities like Chennai and Bangalore.
Pondicherry has also a mystical connection to it. The great revolutionary and saint Sri Aurobindo chose Pondicherry as his abode then came Mira Alfassa aka Sri Ma or mother, the French disciple of Aurobindo.
Puducherry as the city is now called offers something unique to every one. With our Pondicherry Travel Guide here is your chance to discover the regal Pondicherry in all its splendour. Know about How to Reach, Accommodation, What to eat, Driving Directions, What to Shop through our well researched City Guide.

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Would require a package for 3day & 3nights for couple in mid of june may be from 20th onwards / contact +91 9899495577
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I would like to pondi plz send to tour guide details and how much pay
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