Ooty Travel Guide

State Tamil nadu

Ooty Travel Guide

Ooty is the anglicized name of the Udhagamandalam or Udhagai, capital of the Nilgiri district in Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Ooty is a famous hill station which was once ruled by Toda tribal. In the end of the 18th century, this beautiful territory went under the patronage of East India Company. The British collector of Coimbatore first mentioned about this region in its gazette. Later, with further development work carried by the British, this region was made the erstwhile summer capital of the Madras residency. During the rule, agriculture and infrastructure development got great boost. Tea, fruits and vegetables remained the crops of the commercial farm culture in Ooty. After the end of British rule, this region was further developed into tourist magnet. Main emphasis was given to education and social development. Small and big cottage industries of teak, tea, vegetables, fruits, dairy milk are flourishing with a great speed at Ooty. Located 535 kms from Chennai, visitors from different parts of India enjoy the real bliss of calm and cool climate here exclusively. The Ooty Lake, filmy chakkar, boating club, old church, Toda hours are worth visiting here. Moreover, the travelers should not forget to relish the taste of home made cheese and chocolates at Ooty. Mettupalayam railway station provides an inter link to Nilgiri narrow gauge rail head. The travelers must take a joy ride on toy train which runs from the lower altitudes to the highest elevation points in Ooty. The city has a literacy rate of more than 80 percent much higher than the national average.

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