Matheran Travel Guide

State Maharashtra

Location: Asia’s only pedestrian hill station, Matheran is located 2,636 ft above sea level in the Western Ghats, 23 km from Karjat.

Matheran Tourism & City Guide

Maharashtra has a distinction: Matheran. Asia’s most unique hill station, Matheran is without equal! Matheran is absolutely vehicle and pollution free hill station where only means of transportations are walking, riding a horse, hand-pulled rickshaws from the Dasturi Naka. There was a time when adventurers vouched for Matheran’s hair pin bends, dangerous cliffs et al. Today, Matheran is cluttered with hotels and lodgings in every nook and corner of the hill station. The rewards are not in cool waft of the air that leaves no bead of sweat on your forehead, but in the priceless views of the lush plains, from-the-top-views, silver rivers and so on. For the more adventurous there are at least six different hiking routes from the plains into Matheran. Matheran’s own toy train journey is, indeed, a must-do for the pleasance of the views and tortoise-slow speed it offers. And, in addition to all these, Matheran offers a privilege of entertaining lakhs of tourists who flock here to beat the city heat and blues. A coochie-cooh nest of lovebirds to luring heights for trekkers to the unpolluted, serene home for holidaymakers, Matheran has several distinctions under its folds.

Matheran Travel Guide is endeavour to bring 28 points, 2 lakes, 2 parks and 4 major worship places, how to reach matheran, excursions and must-dos in the easy reach of travellers. Explore this exclusive Matheran City Guide for all your queries on Matheran.

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