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Mantralayam Travel Guide

indu enage gOvinda ninna paadara
vindava tOrO mukunda

Oh! Lord Govinda show me your lotus like feet. Hey Mukunda!

Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu on seeing Udupi Srikrishna

The legacy of the Mantralayam town is 337 years old and would continue for aeon. It`s a place of culmination of history, mythology and spirituality . The whole city reverberates with the spirit of Guru Raghavendra Teertharu, the renowned Madhwa saint who under divine instructions took ``Sajeeva Samadhi`` at the Brindavana. Mantralayam attracts millions and millions of devotees as well as tourists from India and abroad who flock every year to visit the Brindavana of Raghavendra Swamy.

As you will find in your journey, that the legacy of Guru Rajaru is not limited to Mantralalya alone there are some other places too that reverberates with the foot steps of Rajaru.

This unique Mantralayam Travel Guide is your valued companion in the journey to explore your intimate connection with Sri Raghavendra Swamy . He is called as the "Moon in the ocean of Madhwa religion", because of his universal appeal, compassion and altruism. You will find here details of Accommodation, How to reach, Places around Mantralayam infact any information you need about this sacred place.

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How to Reach

How to Reach Mantralayam

Mantralyam is a town that lies at the thresholds of three states namely Andhra, Karntak and Tamil Nadu. Mantralayam is located on the banks of Tungabhadra River in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Just across the border is the Raichur district of Karnataka. Mantralayam can be easily reached from 5 state capitals. They are Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Trivndrum and Bangalore. 

Distance from Mantralayam to other locations
Place Distance
Kurnool 90 Km
Hyderabad 256 Km
Bangalore 415 Km
Alampur 95 Km
Srisailam 270 Km
Chennai 600 Km
Adoni 42 Km

For the convenience of the devotees three major heads of transport is covered in the pages here.


How to Reach Mantralayam by Airways: The nearest airport to Mantralyam is Hyderabad which is around 360 kilometers away. The Hyderabad airport is in turn around 16 km from the main city centre. Hyderabad is well connected by air to all the major cities across India. All the major Airlines have their flights to Hyderabad. From Hyderabad of course you can take Bus, Train or private Taxi. It takes 7 to 8 hours from Hyderabad to reach Mantralyam by taxi. From Hyderabad Airport you can take a cab to directly to Mantralayam. Book your Cab here


How to Reach Mantralayam by Railways: Mantralayam is linked with various cities of South India. The station is called Mantralayam Road which is around 15 kilometers from the Mutt. Read More...


How to Reach Mantralayam by Road: If you want to travel by road there are plenty of options available.Buses, private Taxis or drive on your own it is up to you which ever option you want to take. Read More...


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Attractions of Mantralyam

SRS Mutt Brindavana Manchalmma Vadeendratirtha
Other Tirtha`s Sri Moola Rama Sri Venkateswara Anjaneya Temple
Tungabhadra Rathas Shiva Lingam  

Mantralayam or Mantralalya in Kannada is known for the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt that houses the Brindavana(tomb) of the legendary 17th century saint Guru Raghavendra.
Mantralyam is place which can be easily be traversed by foot. The gateway to the Mutt, Bus stand, office for booking accommodation, Tungabhadra River all lie in close proximity to each other. Most of the hotels are located on the Mantralayam Road. Generally a day`s visit is enough to see all these attractions. However if you want to do Seva or undertake any particular vow then perhaps more than one day is needed.
The following are the places to be seen at Mantralayam. 

Raghavendra Swamy Mutt complex: This prime attraction of Mantralyam. Spread over a large area it houses the Brindavana of Raghavendra swamy the compassionate Madhava saint. Read More... 

Raghavendra Swamy Brindavana: The Brindavana of Raghavenra Swamy made of black stone is 2metre in height and 1.2 m in width. Read More... 

Manchalmma Temple: Situated on the left corner of the Mutt complex, Godddess Manchalamma is the presiding deity of the village. Read More... 

Brindavana of Vadeendratirtha: The Brindavana of Vadeendratirtha was actually meant for Raghavendra Teertharu. This is situated on the left side of the sanctum near the exit. Read More... 

Sri Moola Rama Devaru: Rajaru was an ardent devotee Of Moola Rama and performed his worship. Today this resplendent idol with a rich history is located just behind the sanctum in a hall. Read More... 

Tungabhadra River: The enchanting Tungabhadra River is another attraction of the place. A mud pathway leads to the river front. It`s a treat to watch the Tungabhadra during the months of monsoon.Read More... 

Rathas (Chariots): The golden, silver and wooden chariot is splendour to watch at the mutt. It is nothing less than a divine feeling to watch these chariots as it rolls down the temple`s prahara. Read More... 

Shiva Lingam: Do not forget to pay obeisance to the huge Siva Linga in the middle of a Mantap. It stands on a stone platform amidst the Tungabhadra River. 

Sri Venkateswara Temple: The temple of Sri Venkateswara or Lakshmivenkatesvara is located at the centre of the Mantralaya complex. The black stone idol of Sri Venkateswara, was believed to have been installed and worshipped by Sri Raghavendra himself. Timing of the temple are 6 am-12 pm & 4.30 am to 8 pm 

Other Thirtha`s Brindavans: As you move towards the left of Sri Raghavendra`s Brindavan then at a short distance a door leads to the 4 samadhis of his successors. These brindavans belong to Sri Sudharmeendra teertha, Sri Suvrateendra teertha, Sri Suyameendra teertha and Sujayeendra teertha. Pilgrims should perform pradakshine of the four Brindavanas or Samadhis. Facing these Samadhis is an Asvatha tree. The Asvatha Tree lies on a raised platform surrounded by many Naga images. To the left of these Brindavanas stand samee Vriksha, a large Boarding hall, a school along with some cowsheds. 

Anjaneya Temple: Facing the Brindavana is the idol of lord Anjaneya. It is believed that the idol was installed by Guru Rajaru himself and is carved out of the same stone used for the Brindavana.


Mantralayam Getaways

After you have completed your darshan it is now time to visit the near by places of interest. There are a lot of beautiful places around Mantralayam which people generally tend to give a miss. These places have the potential to make your visit worth remembering. Here is a list of those places.

Panchmukhi Anjaneya: Located amidst sylvan surroundings just 5 kms from Mantralaya this is a temple dedicated to Lord Anjaneya( Hanumana) Read More.. 

Bikshalaya: Bikshalaya is a place associated with Sri Appanachara , the great disciple of Raghavendra swamy. The house where Guru and Shishya spent time together is preserved as it is. A must visit for devotees of Raghavendra. Read More... 

NavaBrindavana: Navabrindavan near Hampi is a place that is a must visit for all the disciples of Sri Raghavendra Guru. It is famous for the Brindavanas (tombs) of nine very important Madhva saints. Read More.. 

Alampur: The Alampur town located on the banks of Tungabhandra River is also known for some very important temples. Alampur is around 3 hours journey from Mantralyam. Read More... 

Adoni: Adoni is also another place that is closely associated with Rajaru. Visit Adoni also for its great fort and other attractions. Read More... 

Srisailam: Srisailam just 270 km from Mantralayam is sacred place for Hindus and is popularly known as ``Kailash of South``.Read More.... 

Mahanandi: Mahanandi around 185 km from Mantralyam is a place with great religious significance. The temple has the largest statue of Mahanandi and an unique Holy Tank. A must visit. Read More... 

Madhavaram: It is from Madhavaram that the stones were brought for building the Brindavana of Sri Raghabendra Swamy. Sri Rama is said to have rested here during his Vanavasa. Another tourist attraction is an ancient gateway now in ruins. One cannot but not notice its similarity with the gateway of India in Mumbai. 

Hampi: Once the main city of the mighty Vijayanagara kingdom but now in ruins, Hampi still regales the visitors with its splendour and charm. If you are a person who gets mesmerized by India`s rich History then visiting Hampi is really a rewarding experience. It is better to stay for at least one or 2 days at Hampi to capture the full essence of this city that was plundered brutally. 

Pillalamari: If you are a nature enthusiast then you must visit Pillalamari. Located in the Mahboobnagar district this place is around a few hours drive from Mantralyam.

Kiomoi Must Dos

Mantralayam - Kiomoi Must Dos

After extensive research Kiomoi has zeroed on certain activities which are a must, when in Mantralyam. 

Perform different types of Sewas: Raghavendra Swami fulfills the wishes of every devotee. Out of reverence for Guru Rajaru you can undertake different types of Sevas according to your capacity. 

Be present during Raghavendra Aradhana: The annual utsavam of Raghavendra Aradhana takes place every Sravana( August). Devotees of Rayaru irrespective of cast, creed and status make it a point to come to Mantralayam and be part of the celebrations lasting more than week. 

Visit nearby places: Mantralayam has many nearby places that is either associated directly with Raghavendra Swamy or other prominent Madhwa Saints. In our opinion you must visit these places to gain a better understanding of Dwaita philosophy as propagated by Madavacarya. 

Meditate before the Brindavana: This is an absolute must activity when you are inside the Mutt premises. After queuing through winding railings you are led in front of the simple Brindavana of Rayaru. So come early morning and meditate upon the great Swamy. 

Visit the Riverfront: SRS Mutt is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. The river flows just behind the Mutt. During monsoon the Tungabhadra River presents a beautiful site. You can sit on the river bank contemplating or have a quick bath before going for the Darshan.

Quick Guide

Quick Guide to Mantralyam

Here is a guide to some very facts which you can`t afford to miss if you want to visit Mantralayam.

Temple Timings: Morning: 6 am -2 pm; Evenings: 4 to 9.30 pm

Temple location: 2 Km west of the Bus stand. 

Daily Meals or Annadanam: As you finish with the darshan you can head for the dining hall to have lunch. Though meals here are free but you need to get the lunch coupons distributed at the exit gate of Brindavana.
The food is served around 1 PM. There are two halls for lunch one is the Annapurna Dining Hall that is located 100 meter west of the temple. The other is the newly built Narayan Murthy hall constructed with aid from Infosys. It`s a high capacity modern dining hall that is just 5 minutes away from the math complex. The food is tasty though basic. You get a spicy chutney, rice, sambhar, saru, buttermilk and payasam as sweet. The food is enough to carry you till 9 or 10 in the evening. 

Kiomoi Tip: It is better to carry your own water bottles or cups. Otherwise you have to collect glasses that come with a security deposit of Rs 10.
Ekadasi Day: There is neither puja nor prasadam on the days of Ekadasi. On that day fasting is observed. Only mangalaarti is performed. 

General Clothing Advice: As Mantralayam is typically hot and humid it is better to wear comfortable and cool cotton clothing. 

Dress Code: There is a typical dress code for men at Mantralayam. Men are not allowed to wear anything on their upper body except an Angavastram. 

Most important day of the week: Thursday is the most important day of the week. 

Most Important events: Annual events like Raghavendra Aradhana in the Shravana month and Madhwanavami during Magha month are considered most important. 

Sevas: There are various sevas undertaken by devotees to tide over the problems faced in their lives. The Seva office is located towards west, diagonally opposite to the temple. The entry gates are typically numbered for the Sevakartas. The number is marked on the receipt they get. There is a provision of offering sevas from distant places also. Please note that there will be no Sevas on Sri Krishna Janmastami, Ekadasi and Grahana (Eclipse) days. Some of the types of Sevas are listed here. 

Sankalpa Seva- Sankalpa essentially means an oath or a sort of resolution to do something. A Sankalpa Seva generally comprises the following steps: 

  • Reaching Mantralaya at an opportune time
  • Darshana of Rayaru`s Brindavana
  • Taking the solemn oath to execute Seva in the ordained manner
  • Performing the Seva by following some strict rules. 

Urulu Seva: Urulu seva is one of the difficult sevas. Devotees perform Urulu Seva by rolling on the ground. Women are not allowed to do this seva. 

Hejje namaskara: In Hejje namaskara devotees have to go around the Brindavana while forwarding one foot at a time. At the same time they have to do namaskara for each stride. 

Reciting Sri Raghavendra Stotra: Devotees chant Sri Raghavendra Stotra 108 times by sitting in one place.
Reciting Sri Raghavendra Stotra: Devotees chant Sri Raghavendra Stotra 108 times by sitting in one place. # Reciting Sri Raghavendra stotra with abhisheka: This is same as above but devotees perform additionally abhisheka for Rayara Brindavana by cow milk. 

Reading Works by Madhwa scholars: Devotees need to read religious texts like Sudha, Parimala, Sri Madhva Vijaya, Sri Raghavendra Vijaya etc. 

Reciving of Sarvasiddhi, Santana and Bheeti Yantras: These both Yantras are supposed to be obtained from the Holy Hands of Sri Swamiji only. So these yantras are not issued at the temple at Mantralayam whenver Sri Swamiji is not available. 

Puja Saman bhandar: A Puja Saman Bhandar storing all the important articles required for Puja is located within the temple premises. You can buy things from here. Watch out for the price! 

Parimala prasadam: Parimala Prasadam made of sugar and suji need to be purchased from a counter near the seva booking office. Seavakartas of higher denominations can have them for free. 

Mobile Phones: Mantralyam has excellent network for mobiles, though they are not allowed inside the sanctum Sanctorum. 

Cloak room: There is a facility for cloak room that is located near the entrance to the Mandir. 

Shopping at Mantralayam: Not much shopping. There are only few that are set up by Raghavendra Swam Mutt. You can get Jute bags, Cloth bags, purses, pens, photo frames and stands etc. 

Keeping Beggars at bay: This is one thing that is surely going to put you down. Beggars of all size and sex would follow you over great distances to extract money. It is better to avoid them because giving money to one would attract hordes of others. 

Watch out for Monkeys: Keep a watchful eye for the monkeys, while visiting Pachmukhi Anjaneya Temple. 

Bus Stand: The Bus Stand at Mantralyam has buses going to different locations in Andhra Pradesh as well as Karnataka.

Present Peetadhipati of Raghavendra Mutt: Pujya Suyateendra Teertha

Driving Direction

Driving Directions Mantralayam


Mantralayam nestled in South India, is a well famed pilgrimage magnet for the Vaishvanite followers. The Samadhi of the renowned Saint Raghavendra Teertha is the main pilgrimage place flocked by millions of pilgrims every year. Situated in the Kurnool district, the pilgrims can also make a visit to the sanctums like Laksmivenkateshvara Temple, Raghvendra Swami Brindavana, Panchmukhi Anjaneya, and Vedic Pathashala. The nearest airport to Mantralayam is the Hyderabad International Airport which is 351 Kms away from the Mantralayam. The other airports located near the Mantralayam are the Bellary airport--domestic (105 Kms), and Hubli airport-domestic(268 Kms). The Mantralayam road railway station is just 15 Kms from the main city. Various national and state highways connect Mantralayam with other cities of India. The Andhra Pardesh state government buses also provide regular services to the travelers coming Hyderabad, Vizag, Araku and many other cities bordering it.

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Mantralayam Accommodation

Where to stay at Mantralayam

Mantralayam is flocked by thousands of devotees across India. As such whenever you reach there the first thing on your mind is where to put up. Thankfully Mantralayam has enough options to make your stay comfortable. There are guest houses ad cotteges provided b Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt along with a plethora of private lodges. However if you land up during the Utsavam days without booking then you are up for some serious trouble as most of the Hotels in Mantralayam are booked on those occasions. The private lodges are mostly lined on the main Mantralaya Road.

Accommodation By SRS Mutt

There is accommodation available at the mutt run guest houses and cottages. The central reception office for guest house is located 1.3 km south west of the bus stand. Here you can enquire for Mutt run staying options. A variety of staying options from A/c rooms to basic cottages are available. As you pay more you get better options like attached baths, extra beds, hot water and WC toilets.
A 100-rooms guest house by name Sri Vijayeendra Vasati Gruham has been started by the math for which advance booking can be made. For this you have to get in touch with the office of SRS Mutt.

Kiomoi Tip: There are some points that need to be noted for Mutt accommodation. Generally accommodation to single travelers is not provided and a maximum of one day stay is allowed.

Here is a list of SRS Mutt Run Accommodation

  • Sri Sarvajna Mandriram
  • Sri Vyasa Mandiram
  • Sri PanchamukhI Darshan
  • Sri Brindavan Gardens
  • Sri Vijayeendra Vasati Gruham
  • Sri Sujayeendra Vishranti Gruham
  • Sri Sarvajna mandiram- B
  • Sri Sujayeendra Guest House
  • Sri Jayateertha Mandiram
  • Sri Sujayeendra Guest House Block 1

Private Lodges

Apart from the mutt provided guest houses there are a large number of private lodging you get at Matralayam. 99 % of these lodges are on the main road approximately 11/2 km from the mutt complex. There`s also some lodging provided by A P Tourism. At some of the private hotels accommodation is provided to single visitors.

Eat n Dine

Eat n Dine at Mantralayam

Apart from the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt run daily Annadana Programme, there are quite a few places at Mantralyam where you can have your daily meals. Of course the fare served is typically South Indian. Other than lunch and dinner you can enjoy sumptuous snacks consisting of Dosa, Idli , vada, upma etc. However if you are traveling from the North India then there could be some problem to your taste buds accustomed to Rajma and Chole as there is no eatery that dishes out North Indian stuff. For Rs 20 you get a good breakfast and for Rs 35 a sumptuous Thali.

Most of the better restaurants including those with A/C are located on the main Market road of Mantralayam. Here you will find meals and snacks at a reasonable price. There are some more restaurants on the inside roads but that does not fare high on the cleanliness list. However to maintain the sanctity of the place non- vegetarian food or liquor is not served in the eating joints.

Event n Festivals

Mantralayam - Events n Festivals

Raghavendra Aradhana: Sravana (August)

Madhwanavami: Magha (February) 

Sri Raghavendra Aradhana Mahotsav is annually held every year with gaiety and fervor. Though Mantralyam is visited by lakhs of devotees all the year round but the maximum attention it draws on the ``Aradhane Mahotsav’’ days. During the Aradhana celebrations oftwo years back around 5 lakhs devotees have participated.This celebration is generally held during August- September every year and lasts for seven days. 

There are many activities held to mark the Aradhane celebrations. One of them is the Car (chariot) festival. With teeming devotees dancing and singing as if in a trance, the scene at this place becomes truly ecstatic. People participating in the colourful procession can be seen wearing mythological costumes and playing musical instruments. The whole atmosphere at Mantralayam becomes joyous with Harikathas, dance and music programmes.
`Panchamrutha Abhisheka` is undertaken on a massive scale, with milk, curds, honey, sugar and fruits poured on the ‘Brindavana’. Uttararadhana ritual consists of anointing the holy Brindhavan with milk, honey and other condiments. Amidst chanting of vedic mantra the Peethadhiopati of Rayaru Matha performs “Harathi” (invocation). 

Another important part of the seven day long ceremonies is the address by the Pontiff of the Matha. Last year late Sri Sushameendra Teertha’s address touched everyone when he stressed that of all the charities, feeding the hungry is the most noble.

So if you want to be part of the Aradhane celebrations it is very important to plan your travel meticulously and book your railway tickets and accommodation in advance. 

Madhwa Navami’ marks the day of Sri Madhwacharya`s entry into "Badarikashramam”.

He was a great proponent of the Dwaita system of Philosophy. The festival is celebrated with much religious fervour. Held during the month of February, the day is marked by processions, devotional singings and Annadana.

Local City Experts

Mantralayam Local City Experts

PP JAIN, Expert for Lonavala

Padmanabha Rao 

Professor Padmanabha Rao hold Masters in Sanskrit and philosophy, and presently head the dept of languages in Presidency College Bangalore.As an author he has published over 300 books on religion culture and biographies of saints of india, in English and kannada. Many of his articles are published in reputed periodicals in kannada English telugu and Sanskrit. He is ardent devotee of Guru Raghavendra Swamy and an expert on Mantralayam

Sushameendra Swami

Mantaralayam Sushameendra Swami Teertha

Sushameendra Teertha Swamiji who attained Haripada after a brief illness was a person with a rare intellect. Swamiji, who rose to became the 39th head overall and the 22nd head since Swamy Raghavendra, was an educationist, reformist and secular to the core. It was due to his untiring efforts that made Sri Raghavendra swamy Mutt stood out among other centers of Madhwa sect.

Sri Sushameendra Teertha Swamiji passed away on April 11th 2009

Sri Sushameendra was born in a very pious family to Raja S Rajagopalachar and Padmavathi. Before taking sanyas in September 1985 at the age of 59, Suprajnendracharya, (Sushameendra Teertha Swamiji’s householder name) was a dutiful husband to Shanta Bai and a doting father to his 2 sons and a daughter. He took sanyasa under the instruction and guidance of Sujayeendra teertha, the 38th pontiff. Sujayeendra teertha swamiji named him as his successor and also gave him the name. He personally trained Sushameendra Teertha on the customs and traditions of the historic Mutt.

Sri Sushameendra Swamiji as a person

As a person the great seer Sri Sushameendra Swamiji showed qualities like a small child throughout his life. He never knew what is sin and who is a sinner. He never seemed to belong to this world. A great devotee of Lord Narasimha he was man of few words. However the few words and sometimes just a sentence he spoke would leave the people amazed by his devotion and the strong expression in his eyes. Sushameendra Swamiji never gave very highly charged speeches yet touched the hearts of millions.

Swamiji as a reformer

Sushameendra Teertha who became the 39th pontiff of the Mutt in 1986 would go down in the annals of history as a secularist and a reformer. He was above sectarian considerations and pioneered opening of the rituals to the masses irrespective of caste and creed. This made huge number of devotees to throng to Mantralayam and seek the blessings of Raghavendra Swamy. During his tenure arts and culture was infused into the annual ‘Aradanotsavam’.

Swamiji’s spirit of social service

His spirit of social service made the Mantrlayam Mutt launch many initiatives for the welfare of the devotees and espouse the cause of the people as a whole. A new guest house was thrown open at Mantralayam. Scores of Sanskrit scholars, artists, were bestowed with honours.
Sri SushamIndra Teertha Swamiji continued the tradition of the famed “Annadana” of Rayaru Matha. This ensured that 4 to 5 thousand devotees who visit Mantralaya to seek the blessings of Guru Raghavendra are fed every day. He also oversaw many schemes for bettering The “ Annadana “ scheme.

Swamiji as an educationist

Sushameendra Teertha Swamiji was also a great educationist and championed the cause of education for the poor. The Kalpataru Institute of Education at Mysore was established also 8 computer centers were set up in different places of Andhra Pradesh to help the poor and needy students learn computers for free. His efforts saw the establishing of Sanskrit patashala-cum-high school at Mantralaya and its emergence as a centre of excellence. He also took cudgels to popularise Haridasa literature.

As a propagator of Sri Gururaja’s Message

Swamiji’s was tireless in his efforts to propagate Raghavendra Swami’s message. His tenure saw the installation of more than 80 Mrithika Brindavans of Sri Gururaja across India including one at Delhi. The cultural monthly ‘Gurusavabhouma’ originally published in Kannada was at his behest started also in other languages like Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and English. He ensured that all the books or printed material like Stotras, vrathas, customs and traditions are published at a lower price. He initiated the free distribution of annual Panchanga to the mutt devotees. Thus some gems like sthothra Mukthavali’, ‘Dharmashastra Darpana’, Sadachara Mukthavali’ and ‘Vratha Mukthavali’ were published.

Sushameendra Teertha’s Message

Sri Sushameendra Teertha always stressed that of all charities, “ Anndana” or donating food to the downtrodden and hungry is the supreme as well as the highest deed. He asked devotees to have faith in Sri Raghavendra Swamy. If one follows his life and teachings wholeheartedly then there is nothing that can stop him/her from attaining good health, wealth and overcoming all the obstacles.

Useful Facts

Mantralayam Useful Facts

State: Andhra Pradesh

Region: Rayalseema

District: Kurnool

Taluk: Yemminganooru

River: Tungabhadra

Nearest Railway Station: Mantralyam Road

Nearest Airport: Hyderabad 

Distances of Mantralyam from: 

Hyderabad - 256 km
Vijayawada - 411 Km
Chennai - 590 Km
Bangaluru- 380 km
Mumbai- 690 km
Pune- 600 Km 

Languages Spoken and understood: Telegu, Kannada, Hindi; Tamil and English (broken) 

Accommodation: Math Guest Houses, Cottages and Private Lodges 

Best Time to Visit: All the year round, but keep off from visiting from April to June 

Pin Code: 518345 

STD Codes: 08512 

Mobile Network: Good 

Mutt head: Sri Suyateendra Teertha Swamiji 

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation:
Mantralayam 08512- 279447 Mob:9959225808
Yemmiganur 99592 25807
Adoni 99592 25811
Gooty 99592 25871
Nellore 0861-2372002, Mob;99592 25653
Hyderabad: Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station 040- 24614406
Vijayawada: Pandit Nehru Bus Station 0866-2522400


Holiday Checklist

Mantralayam Holiday Checklist

Those Hills, Waterfalls, rivers, Parks, cuisines, Wildlife Safari, Temples send tempting vibes!!! While you have made up your mind on these holidays, set aside all your temptations and quickly take a fleeting glance at the things-you-do prior to your travel date. Here is the Holiday Checklist for Mantralayam.

Before leaving your house

  • Empty your letter box
  • Fix up security for your house or ask some one to look after
  • Water your plants and ask some one to take care of it
  • Ask your newspaper vendor and milkman to stop supply
  • Clear out the fridge.
  • Switch off the electric appliances
  • Empty out kitchen, waste/dust-bin and kitchen area
  • Lock doors and windows
  • Recharge your mobile or carry coupons
  • Carry traveller`s cheque or ATM cards
  • Pay all due bills
  • Turn off gas/water
  • Call up the taxi driver/railway station/hotels and other important numbers to confirm and re-confirm
  • Rail Tickets and travel documents should be checked twice 

Packing your luggage

  • Woollen/cotton clothing
  • Extra towels
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Night wears
  • Raincoats
  • Wrappers
  • Bath robes
  • Jumper and track suits 


  • Battery Charger
  • Camera
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Charger
  • Torch/Emergency Light
  • Headphones 


  • Brochures or holiday book
  • Sunglasses
  • Sewing kit
  • Important stationary(scissors, tape and glue)
  • Film rolls and digital chargers
  • Ear Plugs
  • Watch
  • Umbrellas
  • Address Book
  • Shoulder bags/ Safety pins
  • Important Telephone Addresses/Trave Consultant
  • Few non perishable eatables
  • Medicines
  • Books / magazines to read
  • Binocular 

Essential Documents

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Diving License
  • Maps/ directions(when in car)
  • Itinerary/Directions
  • Photocopies of documents
  • Passport/Visas (For travelling abroad)
  • ID Cards 


  • Small First Aid kit
  • Sickness Pill
  • Mosquito and insect repellent
  • Vitamin and medications
  • Pain Killers/Balm
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Anti-infection lotion
  • Toiletries
Tourist Offices

Mantralayam Tourist Offices


C/D-6, C-camp, Nandyal Road,
Fax: 8518 270104

Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralyam
Central Reception Office: 08512-279659
Sevas, SRS Mutt complex: 08512-279429/59


Weather at Mantralayam

Mantralyam is situated in the Rayalseema area of Andhra Pradesh State. Summers are typically very hot in Mantralayam. The climate conditions in Mantralayam can be divided into 3 parts, winters, summer and the rainy season.

Winter Season at Mantralayam :

Winter is from the months of December to February.

Summer Season at Mantralayam :

Summer is from March to May. It is advisable to not to undertake visit during summers.

Rainy Season at Mantralayam :

The whole Kurnool district of which Mantralayam is a part gets rains from Southwest. It experiences more rain as compared to the other parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Bank ATMs

Banks & ATMs at Mantralayam

SBI ATM, SRS Mutt, Mantralyam-518346

Syndicate Bank

Syndicate Bank operates a computerized Branch from Mantralayam (N P Seth Guest House Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt Complex). However there is no ATM facility.

Local Holidays

Mantralayam Local Holidays

AP Government`s General Holidays for 2009
Occasion Date
Muharram January 1
Bhogi January 13
Sankranti/Pongal January 14
Republic Day January 26
Mahasivaratri February 23
Milad-un-Nabi March 10
Holi March 11
Ugadi March 27
Sri Ramanavami April 3
Good Friday April 10
B.R. Ambedkar`s Brthday April 14
Sri Krishna Ashtami August 14
Independence Day August 15
Ramzan Id Ul Fitr September 21
Durgashtami September 26
Vijayadasami September 28
Gandhi Jayanti October 2
Deepavali October 17
Bakrid November 28
Christmas December 25