Mahabaleshwar Travel Guide

State Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar Travel Guide

Nature`s Unrehearsed Opera

Nature’s extraordinary strawberry manufacturing farm, Mahabaleshwar is Maharashtra’s pride nestled at 4500ft from the sea level in the Western Ghats. Made from fabrics of rugged hills, impenetrable forests and steep gorges, Mahabaleshwar is nature’s unrehearsed opera to which the waterfalls and rivers provides its music. The best definition to this height sums as: a refreshing summer capital to the Mumbaikars, for here the lot is those of college-goers, lovelorn honeymooners and families at weekend breaks from Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Solapur. And its location near the Mumbai ─ the film capital of India ─ brings in a lot of filmy tales spun around each of its favourite points. Yesteryear’s blockbusters Omkara and Swades were shot here in Mahabaleshwar making it a thrust among the tourists.

Our Mahabaleshwar Travel Guide is an attempt to cover this beautiful city as comprehensive as possible. Sections on how to reach; attractions and excursions; useful facts and weather update laps up a lot more info on the hill station. Welcome to Mahabaleshwar City Guide!

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