Lavasa Travel Guide

State Maharashtra

State: Maharashtra
Distance from Lonavala: 29 KM.
Distance from Pune: 50 KM
Distance from Mumbai: 180 KM.

Lavasa Travel Guide

The amalgam of bewitching hills, tranquil hills, and the briskly developed infrastructure, together weaves to form a meticulously designed structure of the entirely modernistic hill city known as Lavasa in Maharashtra India. Nestled in the Western Ghats, Dasve town in Mahasarshtra behind the Varasgaon dam, 50 KMS from Pune this city is planned by famous architect from HOK, USA. Sprawling over an area of 25,000 acres of picturesque and lush green landscapes, this city at first glimpse would look similar to the rural cities of America or Latin America. Festooned with the 70 percent of the green area, luxury hotels, fast food outlets, world, class spa and gymnasium, visit to this destination can extra ordinarily be a unique experience for the vacationers looking for a leisure stay.

This destination is specially developed for all enthusiasts who want to enjoy their holiday in complete solace and seclusion. The verdant hills, crystal clear lake; water parks are some of the spaces where the visitors can live the life of riley exclusively. Lakes shore, gardens, games arcade are some of the places where a single visit could imbibe an indelible expressions in the mind of the enthusiasts, thus binding their senses to visit this place again and again. Strolling into the future plans of this privately planned ownership, this majestic city is coming up with the series of residential villas which are on the verge of completion. Hence, with in a next few years, the aspiring travelers would find a full fledged mushroomed city giving a tough fight to the other cities of the world solely.

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