Kochi Travel Guide

State Kerala

Location: Central Kerala on the Lakshwadeep Sea

Kochi Tourism & City Guide

"If China is where you make your money, then Cochin surely is the place to spend it."- Nicolai Conti, Italian Traveller (Middle Ages) 

This adage best describes the port city of Kochi. Kochi formally Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala, glories in the title of “QUEEN OF THE ARABIAN SEA”. Kochi has been luring wanderers and traders for over 600 years and remains a living homage to its varied colonial past:. Giant fishing nets influenced by Chinese merchants, 16th century synagogue, ancient mosques, Portuguese houses built half a millennium ago make Kochi a favoured tourist destination. 

Kochi is a perfect place to spend time, soaked in history, perusing art galleries and stay in some of the finest heritage accommodations. This port city on the Malabar Coast has a blend of medieval Portugal, Dutch and an English country village. Welcome to Kochi Travel Guide. A guide to Kerala`s most cosmopolitan city, Kochi City Guide fuels your dream to a perfect holiday in Cochin. The all-inclusive-trip-planner, the guide has well-crafted-exhaustive sections on how to reach, round trip, eating and many more. Additional sections on important numbers of Cochin and useful facts, come handy for travellers and fills the bill to a complete traveller-friendly-site.
Welcome to the Gateway of Kerala—Kochi/Cochin

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