Kasauli Travel Guide

State Himachal pradesh

Kasauli Tourism & City Guide

“Kasauli invites you to do nothing at all.”

Kasauli, is a little gem of a place that prefers to preserve its scintilla for few. This small little town with dainty English cottages set in gardens spilling with flowers, pretty paths and quaint old-fashioned shops has its own charm and splendour.
Kasauli was planned as a retreat for the British. Though the mandarins of the Empire have left, the landscape has not changed much. Located amongst thickly wooded hills, the bungalows provide an excellent blend of man’s ingenuity with nature’s resplendence. Undisturbed with the company of all that is beautiful…. cool breezes, lovely sunsets and quite mountains, Kasauli offers a luxury that is priceless.


Kasauli offers breathtaking views


Kasauli is just not only scenic splendour to boast of. This is a town that holds onto its colonial legacy with a rare ferocity. While the ‘Church of England’ continues to regale visitors young and old, the ‘Tapp’s Nose’ (now the Monki Point) is popular with the tourists due to spiritual attraction.
The importance of Kasauli is not just for the vestiges of the past but for the traditions carried into the future as well. The unspoilt place provides an ideal environment for the nurturing of young minds. The Lawrence School and the Central Research Institute are scholarly establishments of International repute.
Our Kasauli Travel Guide will help you to get attuned to the rythm of this bucolic hii station with detailed pages devoted to attractions, getaways, must do s to make you come back to Kasauli time and again..

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