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Kasaragod Travel Guide

Kasaragod: Kerala`s Best Kept Secret

North Kerala for some strange reasons remains carefully ensconced away from public glare. No wonder Kasaragod snuggled in the northernmost part of Kerala, the god`s own country, is not crowded with teeming tourists in comparison to their southern counterparts. This is because Southern Kerala remains well publicized but with cliched images of swinging palms and kettuvallams.


Exploring Kasaragod is a quest in exploring oneself. The simple but strategic forts, architecturally distinctive temples, unexplored virgin beaches, pristine backwaters, challenging treks, call of the wild - all beacons the traveler in you. Coupled with that is the seclusion and tranquility. All this is sure to propel you to explore it as an ideal getaway idea this season and for eternity.


Bekal Fort, Kasargod


This authoritative City guide will rouse your curiosity as you undertake an in-depth exploration of the best and the hottest spots in and around the beautiful lush green land of Kasaragod.
Welcome on board to the land of Gods with Kasaragod Travel Guide

How to Reach

How to Reach Kasargod

Kasargod is an easily accessible place. An excellent network of rail and road connects it with the rest of India. For traveling by air the nearest domestic airport is at Mangalore some 50 km away while Kozhikode (Calicut) international Airport is at a distance of 200 km. Transport infrastructure is really good in this part of North Kerala. Buses Taxis are easily available for commuting from one place to the other. 

How to Reach Kasargod by Railways: Kasargod Railway station lies on the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Mumbai route. 

How to Reach Kasargod by Road: The whole of Kasargod district is well connected with State roads, district roads and National Highway. NH 17 connects it with Kozhikode( Calicut). You can get buses of both state and private operators along with the option of driving on your own through so0me memorable locales. 

How to Reach Kasargod by Airways: There are three airports near Kasargod the best bet is Mangalore domestic airport at ( 50 km) then there is Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode (200 kms) while the Kochi ( Cochin) airport is 420 km away.


Kasaragod Attractions & Sightseeing

At Kasaragod there are just too many options to keep you engaged for the whole period of your stay. You will not feel bored at any point of time. If you feel that your palate is full with the scenic beauty comprising beaches, hills, backwaters, dams then there are some amazing forts to hold sway of your imagination and finally the temples all having some interesting tale to narrate. 

Beaches: There are some really nice beaches in and around Kasaragod. Though always undervalued to their south Kerala counterparts, these beaches are unspoilt and provide a reasonable degree of solitude. More... 

Forts: Kasaragod has a permanent place in the pages of history with some magnificent forts. These forts have stood the vagaries of time to present us with a link to our past. More... 

Religious places: Temples, Churches and Mosques the coastal town of Kasargod is replete with religious places for time immemorial Kasaragod has been inhabited by people of different faiths who have coexisted peacefully. All of them are built in typical architecture of the Malabar region of Kerala – the god’s own country. More... 

Spiritual Destination: Kasaragod can boast of two very spiritually charged places in its close proximity that can act as a soothing balm to the stressed and harried humanity. More... 

Trek: If you are bit adventurous and a trekking enthusiast then there are some amazing treks you can undertake around Kasargod. So get ready and taste your grit and stamina. More... 

Backwaters: A boat ride along the backwater stretch of Valiyaparamba is an exhilarating experience. It is nourished by four rivers and dotted with numerous charming islands. More...


Kasaragod Getaways & Excursions

While at Kasaragod there are many attractions nearby which makes the tourists tomake short trips. The places listed here can all be reached in the same day with some offering a stay back option if you feel so. These places offer a potpourri of tourist interests. You can visit temples, wildlife parks, beaches, hills, backwaters all within a convenient distance from Kasaragod. Let’s explore these places and take your pick. 

Kannur: The neighbouring district Kannur at just 94 kms throws a diverse array of tourist attractions from imposing forts to historic temples and beaches. More... 

Mahe: the picturesque Mahe, once a French colony now a part of the Union Territory of Pondicherry lies approximately 120 kms from Kasargod. More… Nileshawaram: Nileshawaram is at a distance of 45 km from Kasargod and 12 km south of Bekal. It offers an interesting mix of destinations consisting of beaches and backwaters. More... 

Manjeshwar: If you are religiously inclined then Manjeshwar is the place to be. A number of Temples adorn this north Kerala town which is around 30 kms away from Kasargod town and 25 km from Mangalore. 

Padanna: Padanna is around 50 kms away and is not like any other run-of-the-mill tourist destination. You will find no joyrides or spas here but you would be surely be consummated by its natural beauty. More... 

Madikeri: Situated at a distance of around 115 km from Kasargod, Madeikeri is the former summer refuge of Brits; it is besmirched with plenitude of incomparable beauty. Every bit, right from the roads to the lodges, home stays to the panoramic valleys, waterfalls to meadows; the whole Coorg is laden with unsurpassed natural beauty. More... 

Aralam wildlife sanctuary: A visit to the northern most wildlife sanctuary of Kerala is a must for all the wildlife freaks. It is around 45 kms from Kannur and approximately 140 kms from Kasargod town.More... 

Mangalore: Mangalore in Karnataka 50 km away. Mangalore though an industrial town is known for some great ancient temples, beaches, chapels, forts etc. More...

Driving Direction

Driving Directions

Driving on your car to the scenic Malabar town of Kasargod can be a memorable experience. Generally roads are good here except for some isolated patches of potholed roads.

Distances from Major Cities
Kozhikode (194 kms) Cochin (369 kms) Mangalore (50 kms) Mysore (215 km)
Bangaluru (360 kms) Panaji (412 kms) Thelassery (125 kms) Pallakad (332 kms)
Kannur(104 kms)      






Kiomoi Must Dos

Kasaragod - Kiomoi Must Do`s

Kasaragod happens to be the land of seven languages and several cultures. While in Kasargod be ready to be tempted by a bevy of attractions. Beaches, Gods, rivers, hills and forts all vie with one another to hold your attraction. In our opinion the following things must figure highly on any traveler’s scheme of things as she/he sets out to explore Kasargod.

Meandering through the stunning backwaters: This is really the surprise package of Kasaragod. Discover life’s hidden pleasure by slowly cruising along the stunning backwaters in and around Kasargod. Look forward to the boat rides at the rivers in Nileshwaram and Valiyaparamba. A cruise along the shallow waters in dawn or at the dusk with magical hues of the sky in the background is especially recommended. 

Earn Lord Ganesha’s Blessings: If you are an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha and want to seek his blessings then read ahead. You will be surprised to know that the entire coastline stretching from Kasargod to Gokarna in Karnataka state on the western seaboard is known for some excellent temples of Lord Ganesha. These six temples are Madhur Mahaganapathy near Kasargod, Sharavu Mahaganapathy located in Mangalore, Mahaganapathy at Kumbhashi, Siddi Vinayaka Hattiangadi at Kundapura, Dwibhuja Ganapathy at Idagunji and Ganapati at Gokarna. The beauty is that if you are little enterprising you could do an One day speedy darshan of the entire six temples. 

Recharge your spiritual batteries: Kasargod as you will discover is also a heaven for sincere spiritual seekers, there are two Ashrams here where you can find inner peace and tranquility. Anandashram is located in Kanhangad. 

Savour the Malabari Cuisines: Kasargod is an integral part of the Kerala region that is known as Malabar. Malabar boasts of some exotic cuisines that is exclusive to the region. Dishes like Malabari Chicken and Paratha are very sumptios and would leave you asking for more. 

Enjoy Theyam and Yakshagana: Theyam and Yakshgana are something that you must enjoy as a tourist. Both are ancient art forms held all the year around in the various temples in and around Kasargod. The best source of information regarding their staging is the locals. So ask them and be a pert of a truly memorable experience. 

Enjoy wildlife: You will be surprised to know that Kasargod is not all temples and Beaches. Aralam wildlife sanctuary is around 45 kms from Kannur and approximately 140 kms from Kasargod town here you can expect to see a variety of wildlife. 

Clear your body of toxins: Nearby Kasargod at Nileshwaram there is a famous yoga center that offers some exciting rejuvenation therapies and naturopathy treatments such as herbal baths, mud baths, yoga etc to completely rid of your body of toxins. 

Shop for metal artifacts: Kasargod is famous for beautiful metal artifacts, you can buy the small knick-knacks like bells, lamps, small vessels that make ideal souvenirs for friends and family back home. 

Trekking: If you are the adventurous type who enjoys trekking then Kasargod is the place to be in. Be one with nature, as you trek along the intense and lush green forests at Ranipuram. Be ready to be welcomed by brimming grasslands, monsoon forests and evergreen shoal woods. So pack your bags and begin the adventure trail. 

Watch sunset: Watching the sunset from the Bekal beach with the fort in the background is an enthralling experience. Select a convenient spot at the vast and pristine Beach and watch the sun as it sets into oblivion.

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Eat N Dine

Kasaragod - Eat & Dine

While in Rome do as the Romans do “Same goes for Kasaragod if you are in Kasaragod and do not eat the traditional “Kasarkodan” food you would be missing something. Restaurants here serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian and non –vegetarian stuff. A whole range starting from traditional to Chinese, north Indian, continental, mughlai foods are available at various of food outlets spread across the town. If you are a non vegetarian and and free of any inhibitions concerning food then a must try menu is the mouth-watering combination of Kasarkodan Pathiri (a sort of pancake made of rice) and Beef Sukka. Another great option is to try the ‘Thattukadas’ or road-side eateries. They serve you a wide assortment of delectable sea food cuisines, and other local dishes like neeru dose( a special kind of dosa) moode, goli baje (a very popular and yummy snack).
Traditional Malabar cuisine you could try out is mutton brath, kozhi porichathu, Malabar fish curry, squid roasted in coconut milk, fish koli vada, nadan kozhi curry in the non-vegetarian section and vendakka mulagittathu and thakkali charu for vegetarians.
Then there is the tender coconut water to wash away the foods and provide protection against dehydration.

Few popular Restaurants

  • Hotel Badariya
  • Hotel Vasanth Vihar
  • Hotel Viceroy
  • Hotel Vrindavan
  • Hotel Kerala
  • Hotel Sreenivas
  • Hotel Malabar
  • Hotel Metro
  • Hotel City Tower

What to Shop at Kasaragod

Kasaragod does not boast of any mall or big name in retail industry. So if you are thinking that while in Kasaragod you could shop in the capacious and air conditioned environs then drop then please drop that idea. Instead what you can look forward is to buy knick knacks from a bevy of shops at local bazaars. Here you can pick up knick-knacks of all kinds.
Kasaragod is famous for the bell-metal ware this include containers, vessels and lamps of all shapes and sizes. The local crafts men are especially skilled for preparing beautiful metal artifacts and shapes.
The items from the road side shops makes for perfect souvenirs back home. Besides, Kasargod is also known for producing quality handloom and coir products. So go out in the sun and explore the things you want to shop.

Local City Expert

Kasaragod Local City Expert

 Shyju Sebastian,  Kiomoi`s Kasargod Expert

Shyju Sebastian

Our Kiomoi`s City Expert for the beautiful Kasargod is a travel enthusiast all his life and a person with multifaceted talent. He has done Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), he is into farming since his childhood and is founder of Xtreme Rafting besides being a free travel consultant. He thinks his job as a Kasargod Expert for Kiomoi is made easy by the fact that he is good at planning tours and is known locally for this. Shyju loves rivers,grassy mountain tops, forests and rarely misses a chance to visit a new place. 


Weather at Kasaragod

The climate of the Kasaragod district can be best classified as warm, humid and tropical. There is not much of variation in the weather of Kasaragod owing to the fact that owing to its proximity to the sea resulting in maritime climate all through the year. That is why the place remains pleasant whole of the year and can be visited anytime. The average maximum temperature is 31°C and minimum is 23°C. 

Summer (Mid March to May)

The summer months are usually the months of March to May. The temperatures during summer vary from 20°C to 32°C. May is very hot with scorching heat during the days. The evenings are comparatively cooler owing to the sea breeze. 

Monsoon (June to November)

Monsoon sets in Kasargod by the end of May and by beginning of June, it is full-fledged Southwest monsoons at Kasaragod. It really gets a heavy downpour heralded by thunder- storms. The average rainfall of Kasrgod district is around 3500mm. Humidity is very high during rainy season and rises to almost 90 percent. The south-west monsoon holds sway till September when the monsoon fades out. The months of October-November brings the north-east monsoon. Out of the total rainfall received in the district 2/3rd is experienced in the months of June, July & August. 

Winter (December- Mid March)

After the heavy lashing of the monsoons, the weather cools down. The winter sets in December and lasts till mid March. The temperature during this time is pretty cool in the range of 18°C to 25°C. Not much difference is seen between the day and night temperature.

Local Holidays

Local Holidays in Kasaragod

Public Holidays in Kerala for the year 2009
Date Festivals
07-01-2009 Muharram*
26-01-2009 Republic Day
23-02-2009 Shiva Rathri
09-03-2009 Milad-I-Sherif
09--04-2009 Maundy Thursday
10-04-2009 Good Friday
14-04-2009 Vishu
01-05-2009 May Day
21-07-2009 Karkkadakavavu
15-08-2009 Independence Day
01-09-2009 First Onam
02-09-2009 Thiruvonam
03-09-2009 Third Onam
04-09-2009 Fourth Onam
11-09-2009 Sree Krishna Jayanthi
21-09-2009 Sree Narayan Guru Samadhi
28-09-2009 Vijayadasami
02-10-2009 Gandhi Jayanthi
17-10-2009 Deepavali
27-11-2009 ID Ul Zuha
25-12-2009 Christmas

The calendar is provided for the purpose of information and doesn’t stand responsible in- case of any discrepancy. Please verify with other sources.

*Exact date for Muharram depends upon the moon.

Bank Atms

Kasaragod - Bank & ATM

State Bank of India

Gopalakrishna ServicE Station,
Vidhya Nagar,
Kasargod, Kerala - 6711123

CPCRI Campus,
Kudlu PO,
Kasargod, Kerala - 6711123 


Ground floor, Citi Centre, Bank Road, Kasargode
Kasargode -671121 

State Bank of Travancore

P.B.NO.27, Mansoor Mansion
Kasaragod -671121 

Axis Bank

D. No. 442-A, Aramana Arcade, Bank Road,
Kasargod - 671121 

Federal Bank

M.G. Road, Kasargod- 671121
Post box- 53, Kallatra Complex
Kanhangad- 671315 

Syndicate Bank

Ist Floor
City Centre, Bank Road
Kasaragod- 671 121

Tourist Offices

Tourist Offices at Kasaragod

Kazargod District Tourism Promotion Council Office

Telephone Number 04994- 256450 

District Tourism Promotion Council

Near Civil Station, Kannur
Tel: 091 - 497 - 2700190 

Bekal Resorts Development Corporation Ltd

Thanal Vishrama Kendram,
Near Bekal Fort, Pallikere P.O.
Telefax : 04672-272900, 272007
Email: [email protected] 

Office of Wildlife Warden

Aralam Wildlife Division,
Iritty P.O Kannur- 670 673,
Telephone: 0490-2493160.

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist of Kasaragod

Those Backwaters, rivers, forts, cuisines beaches, Temples send tempting vibes!!! While you have made up your mind on these holidays, set aside all your temptations and quickly take a fleeting glance at the things-you-do prior to your travel date. Here is the list. 

Before leaving your house

  • Empty your letter box
  • Fix up security for your house or ask some one to look after
  • Water your plants and ask some one to take care of it
  • Ask your newspaper vendor and milkman to stop supply
  • Clear out the fridge.
  • Switch off the electric appliances
  • Empty out kitchen, waste/dust-bin and kitchen area
  • Lock doors and windows
  • Recharge your mobile or carry coupons
  • Carry traveller’s cheque or ATM cards
  • Pay all due bills
  • Turn off gas/water
  • Call up the taxi driver/railway station/hotels and other important numbers to confirm and re-confirm
  • Rail Tickets and travel documents should be checked twice 

Packing your luggage

  • Woollen/cotton clothing
  • Extra towels
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Night wears
  • Raincoats
  • Wrappers
  • Bath robes
  • Jumper and track suits 


  • Battery Charger
  • Camera
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Charger
  • Torch/Emergency Light
  • Headphones 


  • Brochures or holiday book
  • Sunglasses
  • Sewing kit
  • Important stationary(scissors, tape and glue)
  • Film rolls and digital chargers
  • Ear Plugs
  • Watch
  • Umbrellas
  • Address Book
  • Shoulder bags/ Safety pins
  • Important Telephone Addresses/Travel 


  • Few non perishable eatables
  • Medicines
  • Books / magazines to read
  • Binocular 

Essential Documents

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Diving License
  • Maps/ directions(when in car)
  • Itinerary/Directions
  • Photocopies of documents
  • Traveller’s Cheque
  • Passport/Visas (For travelling abroad)
  • ID Cards 


  • Small First Aid kit
  • Sickness Pill
  • Mosquito and insect repellent
  • Vitamin and medications
  • Pain Killers/Balm
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Anti-infection lotion
  • Toiletries
Useful Facts

Kasaragod - Useful Information

  • Location: Kasaragod district is bordered in the north by the Canara district of Karnataka, in the south it is bounded by the Kannur District, in the east by the Western Ghats, while in the west lies Arabian Sea.
  • Best time to visit: Except for a month or two Kasaragod can be visited all the year round. Mid March to end May: Hot not recommended for visit. June to mid March ok but depending upon your preferences. June to end September- This is the rainy season or monsoon. The sight of lush green and rushing waters is very soothing but outdoor activities a big no with low visibility, slushy roads and staying indoors. October to mid March-Weather is very pleasant and remains dry generally with occasional showers, perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Temperature : Between 27.5° C & 36.5° C
  • Major distances from Kasaragod:Kozhikode(Calicut) - 208 km, Cochin - 464 km, Kodaikanal- 575 km, Trivandrum -653 km, Mangalore- 50 km, Mysore( Via coorg)- 320 km, Bangaluru- 415 km, Panaji-420 km
  • Std Code: 04994
  • Nearest Airport: Mangalore Bajpe Airport; Telephone Number: 0824- 2220400 ; Fax - 0824-2254175
  • Railway: Kasaragod Railway(KGQ) station connected to major cities across Kerala and India - Kasaragod; Telephone Number- 04994 - 230200 - Mangalore; Telephone Number - 0824-2423137
  • Clothing: Cotton wear and travel sandals are best with cap to keep sun at bay. No woolens required.
  • Languages understood: Malayalam, Kannada, Thulu, Hindi, and bit of Konkani also.
  • Coastline: 77 km
  • Rivers: Total of 12 rivers in the district, namely Chandragiri, Kariankod, Shiriya, Uppala, Mogral, Chithari, Nileshwaram, Kavvayi, Manjeswaram, Kumbala, Bekal and Kalanad.
  • Nearby getaways: Kanoor( 94 km), Ranipuram:85 km, Adoor(45 km)
  • Taluks: Kasaragod & Hosdurg

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation

  • Kasaragod Bus stand; Telephone number: 04994- 230677
  • Kottayam Bus Stand; Telephone number: 0481- 2562908
  • Adoor Bus stand;Telephone Number- 0473- 4224764
  • Alappuzha Bus Stand;Telephone Number- 0477- 2252501
  • Kozhikkode Bus Stand; Telephone Number- 0495- 2723796
  • Kannur Bus Stand; Telephone number: 0497- 2707777
  • Thiruvananthapuram Bus Stand (Thampanoor); Tel number-0471-2323886
  • Mangalore Bus Stand; Telephone Number 0824 -2211243

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation:

  • Bejai, Mangalore; Telephone No: 0824-2211243

Kerala Tourism Information Office

  • Chennai No.28 Ethiraj Salai, Chennai - 600 008. Tel: +91-44-25382639
  • Delhi 219, Kanishka Shopping Plaza,19 Ashoka Road, New Delhi- 110 001.Tel: +91-11-23368541
  • Goa Dr.Shingaonkar Road, Panaji, Goa- 403 001. Tel: +91-832-2232168
  • Mumbai Kairali Shopping Complex Buildings, Nariman Point, Mumbai -400 021. Tel: +91-022-22830491

Tourist information Centre

  • Mahe Telephone Number: 0490-2332560 ext 205