Kasaragod Travel Guide

State Kerala

Location: 50 km from Mangalore

Kasaragod Travel Guide

Kasaragod: Kerala`s Best Kept Secret

North Kerala for some strange reasons remains carefully ensconced away from public glare. No wonder Kasaragod snuggled in the northernmost part of Kerala, the god`s own country, is not crowded with teeming tourists in comparison to their southern counterparts. This is because Southern Kerala remains well publicized but with cliched images of swinging palms and kettuvallams.


Exploring Kasaragod is a quest in exploring oneself. The simple but strategic forts, architecturally distinctive temples, unexplored virgin beaches, pristine backwaters, challenging treks, call of the wild - all beacons the traveler in you. Coupled with that is the seclusion and tranquility. All this is sure to propel you to explore it as an ideal getaway idea this season and for eternity.


Bekal Fort, Kasargod


This authoritative City guide will rouse your curiosity as you undertake an in-depth exploration of the best and the hottest spots in and around the beautiful lush green land of Kasaragod.
Welcome on board to the land of Gods with Kasaragod Travel Guide

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