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In the Vedic Period, Uttar Pradesh formed part of the primordial country, Madhyadesha. Many of the vast states of primeval India burgeoned in the region now known as Uttar Pradesh. From the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, the Mughals ruled over the land. Gautama Buddha voyaged and sermonized expansively in this region. After Mughals, several other dynasties ruled the land. They were the Maurayas, the Guptas and the Kushanas. The Mughal emperor Shahjahan built the eminent Taj Mahal in Agra which makes the state truly a tourist paradise. After the crumbling of the Mughal Empire, Awadh came out as the center of power in this region. Subsequent to the seizure of Awadh, the British created the administrative unit called the United Provinces of Agra and Awadh.
Uttar Pradesh ha s a tropical monsoon climate in most of the places. Except the northern region, whole of the state experiences tropical monsoon climatic conditions. The Himalayan expanse is frosty cold. Temperature varies according to the altitude. In the plains, the average temperature in January varies between 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. In May and June i.e. the summer season, the plain region experiences a temperature around 45 degrees Celsius. There are three main seasons in Uttar Pradesh, which are summer, winter and monsoon. The winter period subsists from October to February, summer from March to Mid June and the rainy season from March to September. Rainfall fluctuates from 1,000-2,000 mm in the east to 600-1,000 mm in the west.

Uttar Pradesh is a magnificent place in terms of tourist attractions. There are many places in Uttar Pradesh, which allure the tourists to this smattering land of the Taj Mahal. The central jewel of Uttar Pradesh is the city of Lucknow, dazzling in its own glory. Agra is one of the most splendid of all the tourist attractions in India. Taj Mahal is a monument, which has an unmatchable magnificence, other major attractions are : 

Adventure & Activities
The panoramic hills of Uttar Pradesh are a hub for many adventure sports. Uttar Pradesh offers a great platform for all sorts of adventure sports. The major sports that can be played on the land are:
Para Gliding
The total land area of Uttar Pradesh is approximately 2,38,566 sq. Kms. Uttar Pradesh is circumscribed on the north by Nepal and Tibet and, in India, by Himachal Pradesh state on the northwest, Haryana state and the state of Delhi on the west, Rajasthan state on the southwest, Madhya Pradesh state on the south, and Bihar on the east.
Hinduism and Islam are the two main religions of Uttar Pradesh. Hindus constitute more than 80 percent of the entire population of UP. Then you will also find a small percentage of Muslims on the land. Muslims comprise of around 15 percent of the total population of U.P.
Languages Spoken
Hindi and Urdu are the two main languages spoken in the region. Hindi is the mother tongue of most of the people. Urdu is also a prominent language of the state. Bhojpuri is the third most-spoken language in the state, according to the language data in the 1991 Census of India.
People / Population
The total population of Uttar Pradesh is around 167 million. In terms of population, Uttar Pradesh is the topmost state in India. Two ethnographic groups inhabit the state viz. the Mongoloid and the Aryan-Dravidian. The Mongoloid people inhabit the north region near the Tibetan border and the Aryan-Dravidian group inhabits the central and southern part of the land. People of Uttar pradesh are very polite and sugary.

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