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Climate/Temperature: Jharkhand experiences extreme temperatures. There are mainly three seasons experienced in the state of Jharkhand and they are summer, winter, and monsoon. Summers are awfully hot and winters are chilling cold. The mercury rises up to a level of 45 degrees in summer. In winter the temperature is cool and moderate. Monsoon season extends from the month of July to the month of October. The rainfall is measured about 1300 mm per year. Jharkhand is situated on the plateau so it takes impressive rainfall in the monsoon.

Jharkhand is gifted with a brilliant natural exquisiteness and eloquence. It is endowed with rich cultural heritage making it a great tourist attraction. There are many places to visit in Jharkhand. Some of the major places to visit in Jharkhand are:

Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park
Garga Dam
City Park
Parasnath Hills
Tagore Hill
Hathia Dam
Johna Falls
Hirni Falls
Jubilee Park
Keenan Stadium
Tata Football Academy

Adventure & Activities
As the region is situated at an elevated level it provides vide scope for many types of adventure sports. Several sports like rock climbing, para sailing, river rafting etc. can be enjoyed on the land of Jharkhand. If you have an appetite fro adventure then Jharkhand can serve you the best.
Geography: The total land area of Jharkhand is around 79,700 sq. km. The state of Jharkhand is bordered by Bihar in the north, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in the west, Orissa in the south and West Bengal in the east.
People : The total population of Jharkhand is approximately 27 million. The population of males in the region is around 13.86 million and the female population is approximately 13.04 million. The sex ratio is 941 females to 1000 males.

Religions: Jharkhand is a state of many religions. People from different cultural backgrounds have come and inhabited on the land of Jharkhand. Some of the chief religions of the state are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, and Islam. The tribal communities of Jharkhand have their own religions.

Languages Spoken: The official language of the state is Hindi. A wide range of population speaks Hindi language and it is the predominant language of Jharkhand. Other major languages include Mundari, Santhali, Ho, Bhojpuri, Sadri, Khurukh, Urdu, Maithili, Bhojpuri, and Bengali. The literate people of the state speak English.

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