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Visitors from all over the planet congregate to this place for a walk down some significant chapters of Indian history. Embraced by the Himalayas in the north and the Aravallis in the south, the plains here are covered with those battle sites that have shaped India's history. The dissertation written by Manu, the lawgiver in Indian mythology, selected Haryana as Brahmavart from where the Brahmanical religion and social system grew up and extended outwards to the rest of the country. Haryana highlights the eminent mêlées of Panipat, which makes it a land with a magnificent history. In the epic of the Mahabharatha, it was at Kurukshetra, where Lord Krishna imparted the message of the Bhagwad Gita to the Pandavas warrior, Arjuna. Haryana served as a sort of a geographical corridor for Delhi as the prize awaiting generations of invaders
Climate/Temperature: The climate of Haryana is similar to the other northern states of the country. It experiences extreme climatic conditions. The winters are chilly cold and summers are unbearably hot. Haryana is very hot in summer and cold in winter. The temperature falls to the lowest in January and reaches up to 50 C during the months of May and June. The best time to visit Haryana is between the months of October to March when the temperature is cool
Places to Visit & Attractions: The important  places to visit in Haryana are:
Suraj Kund – This is famous for its large sun pool and amphitheater. It is a magnificent mix of traditional and modern cultures.
Baikal Lake – This lovely lake is a refresher for eyes. The true magnetism of Badkhal Lake is its tranquil waters around which tiny cottages have been built at an elevation, thus giving the occupants a splendid view of the lake alive with the activity of birds during the winter months.
Yadavindra Gardens
Beri: The Town has a world-famous temple dedicated to the goddess Mata Bhimeshwari Devi and Lord Krishna. The "Beri Pashu Mela" or "Beri Cattle Fair" is celebrated in the days of Navratra 
Kurukshetra: It's known as the setting of the Hindu epic poem the "Mahabharata." The text's great battle is depicted in a large diorama at the Kurukshetra
Sohna – It has become quite popular due to the annual Vintage Car Rally that takes place in February.

Activities & Adventure 
Various types of water sports can be enjoyed at the Badkhal Lake. Here, the Aravali hills are on the tassel and the lake presents out of the ordinary chances for water sports such as canoeing, kayaking or just a simple boat ride. In addition, there is a luxury yacht for those interested in it. Haryana offers a great platform for young to realize their true physical and mental potential. Many sports like Parasailing, rock climbing, river rafting can be enjoyed on the land of Haryana.
Geography: Haryana is embraced with the Shivaliks and the Aravallis that place it at rather a constructive location. No major rivers run through the area but a wide network of rivulets and canals ensure plentiful water supply. Haryana is bounded by Uttar Pradesh in the east, Punjab in the west, Himachal Pradesh in the north and Rajasthan in the south. During the monsoon season, a carpet of grass spreads over the hills giving it a very gorgeous panorama
People / Population: The total population of Haryana is around 2,10,82,989. The people of Haryana are divided into a number of castes including the Brahmins, the Rajputs, the Jats, and the Ahirs

Religions: The main religion practiced in Haryana is Hinduism. The majority of the population in Haryana is of Hindus. Around 90% of the entire population constitutes the Hindus. The Sikh population is in minority amounting to a total of 6.2%. Islam and Christianity are also followed by a certain amount of people in Haryana. Muslims constitute 4.05% of the population and Christians comprise of 0.09% of the population
Languages Spoken: The two main languages spoken in Haryana are Hindi and Punjabi. A majority of the population speaks Hindi whereas there are some people who speak Punjabi as well.

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