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Yercaud is a small hill station in the Salem district of the state of Tamil Nadu; at an altitude of 4700 ft above sea level. The quaint hill station is characterized by pleasant weather throughout the year making it all year-round. One can easily Reach Yercaud from Salem, barely 35 km away.

Salem is also the nearest railway junction, to serve Yercaud. A well-laid rail network connects Salem with the rest of the nation. There are several bus services that operate from Salem Junction and Salem Municipal Bus Stand to Yercaud frequently.

The nearest Airport is in Trichy, at a distance of 163-km from Yercaud. Also, the Coimbatore airport which is another option for people traveling by air is 190-km away.

Driving Direction

Yeracaud is a hill station situated in the Shevaroy Hills, the Eastern Ghats of the Tamil region, South India. Yeracaud is famous for its coffee, and orange plantation. This destination is also called as poor’s man Ooty, as it is less expensive and the cost of living is much lesser than Ooty. The attractions of the region include Big Lake, Botanical Garden, Killiyur Falls, Ladies Seat, and Pagoda Point. This hill station can also be reached by an air route, rail route, and road. Trichy International Airport which is 163 Kms away from Yercaud.Tiruchirapalli airport(125 Kms), Peelamedu domestic airport(154Kms) and Bangaluru international airport(168 Kms ) are the other airports from where the travelers can board the regular flights. Salem Junction is the nearest rail head nestled 35Kms away from Yercaud. The NH 7 remains the sole linkage road which connects Yercaud with various cities of South India. 

Chennai to Yercaud: From Chennai, you have to take NH 45 till Ulundurpettai. The road is via Tambaram, Tindivanam and Viluppuram. From Ulundurpettai take NH 68 till Salem. The road is via Tiyagai Durgam, Kallakkurichi, Talaivasal, Attur and Valappadi. Then from Salem a State road goes till Yercaud.
Yercaud is known as the “Ooty of the Poor”. This small little hill station is situated in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. The climate of the region is very pleasant throughout the year due to which you will always find this region packed with tourists. Apart from the weather, there are several places to be seen in Yercaud.

Pagoda Point: Also known, as pyramid point is located in the eastern part of Yercaud hills. It got its name from the four piles of stones arranged randomly in order to form a pyramid shape. It is believed that it was built by the local tribes. A Rama temple is sited between the piles of stones. The view of the town of Salem and a little village known as Kakambadi is worth witnessing from this hill. Tourists flock here at the point to have a view of the beautiful cliffs around, especially in early mornings or evenings. Spending some time at this point is refreshing for the body and mind.

Yercaud Lake: Lush green hills and natural shoals surround the picturesque lake. The lake is also known as the Emerald Lake and is the only natural lake amongst all the hill stations of the south. There is a floating fountain at the center of the lake, which was constructed by the MALCO. The lake has a boating facility. Boats are available at reasonable rates. Self-pedaling and rowing boats are also available.

Anna Park: It is a small green lovely park located near the Yercaud lake. Several flower shows are organized in the park during the month of May. Inside Anna Park there is a Japanese park, which is very popular amongst the tourists. A nominal amount has to be paid if you want to carry your camera along with you in the park.

Dear Park: This is another park situated near the lake. This park is an ideal place where kids would love to be. The park is on one side of the lake and closes at 5 p.m.

Lady`s seat: Lady`s seat refers to the cluster of rocks sited beautifully on the southwest of the Yercaud hills. The seat overlooks the ghat road and the city of Salem. There is a steep diving point of 200 feet. The Salem town during the night with all its lights lit looks like shining stars from the seat. A telescope is also mounted over here, which allows the tourists to get a good view of the plains below.

Gent`s Seat: The gent`s seat is located n the right side of the lady`s seat. The seat offers a beautiful view of the other side of the Shevroy hill ranges. Evenings are usually very windy. There is a rose garden and a children`s seat nearby.

Horticulture Farm / Rose Garden: The farm is located at a distance of 1 and a half km from the gents' seat. The rose garden has almost all varieties of roses. Apart from roses, there are several other plants and trees. Plant lovers can even buy saplings from here.

Killiyur Falls: The Killiyur waterfall, about 3 km from the Yercaud Lake is sited at an altitude of 300 feet. The best time to visit the lake is after the southwest or northeast monsoons. The views from the 300 feet high fall are breathtaking. Trekking down the bottom of the hill is pretty difficult here and can only be performed by the hard-core trekkers.
The road leading to fall is very narrow and only a vehicle can pass at a time. So its better not to take your own vehicle there.

The Grange: This castle-like building is one of the oldest buildings in Yercaud. M.D. Cockburn, who was the then district director of Salem, built it in 1820s. The first coffee plantations in India started from here. Now here coffee and orange plantations are done, also silver oak trees are grown here.

Bears Cave: The bear`s cave is situated within a private coffee estate near the Nortan Bungalow on the way to the Shervaroyan temple. The main part of the cave is approximately 7 feet below the ground level. There is a deep ravine in the cave, which is believed to lead to the cave sited in the Shervaroyan temple.

The Shervaroyan Kaveri Amman Temple: The temple is located on the highest point in Yercaud i.e. 53 feet above the sea level. The presiding deities in the narrow and dark temple are the God Shervaroyan and the Goddess Kaveri. It is believed by the localities that the god Shervaroyan is the guiding angel for the villages in and around Yercaud. The annual festival which is celebrated here in the month of may attracts thousands of Malyali pilgrims.

Arthur Point: It is a vantage point from where one can have a beautiful birds-eye view of the yercaud town, the lake, and the Shervaroyan hills. The point is just one km from the center of the town and can be reached by taking the steep road going north from the center.

Botanical Garden: The garden which is well maintained by the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) is located at a distance of 5 km from the main town. It is one of the two Orchidarium run by BSI. A bell-shaped rock in a garden makes a sound of a bell when someone hita it with a stone. The garden is closed on Sundays and on other national holidays. There is nominal fees charged for the entrance in the garden.

Monfort School: The school was built in 1917 and got its name from its founder. The school is famous as it is one of its kind in southern India. It has a vast campus with attractive buildings, Spacious playgrounds, well planned and beautiful gardens, and a swimming pool.

Retreat: It is an institute which belongs to the Religious society founded by St. Don Bosco. The institution serves as a novice house where students of the religious order stay and study.

Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple: Goddess Rajeshwari is considered as the goddess of all gods in the Hindu Pantheon. It is believed that praying to her one can attain wealth and prosperity. Tirukovilur Thapovanam Srila Sri Gnanananda Giri Swamigals Parampara Disciple HH Swami Poornananda Giri founded the temple in the year 1983.

Nearby Places 
Once you are free from seeing places in Yercaud, you can visit some places around it. There are several places around Yercaud worth visiting.

Kottachedu Teak Forest: The forest was cultivated by the tribes who abandoned this region after the plague struck the area. These lands were than developed by the Government for the Teak Wood plantation. River Vaniar passes through the forest and falls into the Vanier Dam. The wild buffalo Bison are frequently seen in the Teak Forest. 

Tipperary View Point: It is the southernmost viewpoint of Yercaud. One can reach here by taking the Tipperary Road. Elephant Tooth Rocks can be seen from the viewpoint. The Estate which adjoins the viewpoint is known as Tipperary Estate. The estate was once a posh hotel that catered to the leaders of British India. The view from of Salem during the night is mesmerizing. 

White Elephant Tooth: There are two large white-colored Quartz stones surrounded by the lush green region and black granite. It is said that these two are the remnants of a meteorite that fell on earth. Both of them are pure white rocks whereas the granite found on the hill is black. One is located on the Southern end of the Shevaroy hills below the villages of Guntur whereas the other one is located on the eastern edge of the hills overlooking the Ghat road just above the 60` bridge.

Kiomoi Must-Dos while in Yercaud

Nature Trails & Walks: A walk to appreciate plants & flowers in the 2 gardens - rose garden & botanical garden. The insect-eating plant is the highlight of the Botanical garden. Yercaud is made for long, leisurely walks.

Trekking & hiking: Yercaud is a hill station on the Western Ghats and trekking here can be one of the most pleasuring for adventure lovers. 

Boating: Boating can be done at the lake with family and friends. One has the option to choose to peddle or rowboat. 

Bird Watching: Birding at Rose garden during the morning hours can also be done. The number and variety of birds is larger than expected. 

Stroll to Ladies Seat: A walk to ladies' seat after the dusk can be done to watch mettur dam from the telescope available there. 

Visit Dear Park: The Deer park near the lake has a few populations of deer and peacocks and is a suitable playground for kids.
Yercaud is a small hill station situated on the Eastern Ghats and is the only one of its kind in northern Tamil Nadu. The temperature of the region is quite different from the rest of the state of Tamil Nadu. While the rest of this region is generally dry, this small place presents a contrast with its cool climate where temperature generally never rises above 30°C and dip below 13°C.

Winter 13°C 25°C
Summer 16°C 30°C
Average 13°C 30°C 
Rainfall:1500mm - 2000 mm

Yercaud is relatively a cool place. The temperature of the region is quite different from the rest of the state of Tamil Nadu. Around April there are the pleasant showers, which bring the coffee bushes into blossom. The monsoon season that falls between June to August is not a good time to visit this hill station. During these three months, it rains heavily, completely obstructing the movement. November to February tends to be cold and misty.

Best Time to Visit

Yercaud is a cool place where the temperature never rises above 30º C and dips below 13º C. One can visit the station any time of the year but the best time to visit this place is between October and May. The weather is very pleasant during the summers but the hill station is full of tourists during the period.

It’s pretty cool and misty during the two months of November and December. During the months of April pleasant showers are observed which makes the region more beautiful. Trip to Yercaud should be avoided during the monsoon season (June-August) as it rains heavily, hampering movement.

Useful Facts

Also Called As: "Ooty Of The Poor"

Popular For – Plantations and Orange Groves

Location – Salem district | State – Tamil Nadu

Area – 383 sq km

Languages – Tamil and English

Best Time to Visit – May to October

Main Festivals – Summer Festival, Pongal (January) and Deepavali (October)

Clothing - Normal cotton clothes in summer and light woolens in winters

Nearest Airport – Trichy (kms), Coimbatore (kms)

Nearest Railway station – Salem

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These are very good hotels in Yercaud, for hotels booking and confirmation kindly contact Kiomoi Team, you can mail us at or call us on 9958891364. our travel expert would be happy to assist you.

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Local transport is basically restricted to three wheelers like auto rickshaws and manual rickshaws. Public transport is not available to move around inside the city walls.

Places which you can enjoy in Yercaud are Pagoda Point, Yercaud Lake, Anna Park, Dear Park, Lady's Seat, Gent's seat, Bears Cave, Arthur point etc.

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hi, want to know the local places to see in yercaud.

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There are lot of Travel Agents who arrange for sightseeing. It would be good idea if you preferably book through your own Hotel or from Kiomoi.

Otherwise, there are more than a couple of cabs near the Bus Stand and the Lake who are more than willing to take you to a "ride"!!!!

Normally, the Charges for the Whole Day sightseeing of Yercaud, which includes, the Lake, Lady's Seat, Shevaroy Cave, Raja Rajeshwari Temple, Pagoda Point, etc is around Rs.800 to Rs.1000 depending on your negotiable skills.

May month may not be such a nice idea. Only in the early morning, the weather is pleasant, otherwise, it is as if you are staying in Plains. All the other 11 months are great idea to visit Yercaud.

Best of luck,

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Classic Cottage, Yercaud

The Nature Trail Sky Roca, Yercaud

Lake Forest, Yercaud

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Hi Jyoti,

Yercaud is 221kms away from Bangalore.

For accomodation you can stay in Svayambh Villa, it is a 60-year-old British Villa located on Lady Seat. The Hotel is a walking distance from the Lake, Bus Stand. Svayambh Villa has two Deluxe suites which are independent of the Villa and one Royal suite which is part of the main Villa.

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