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To have a luxurious journey, one should opt for airways as the best mode of transport. The airport is located 6.2 km from the city center. Further, the Baroda railway station is interlinked with major Indian cities through road and railways. Some of the interconnected cities with Baroda are Champaner (49 km), Pavagadh (53 km), and Anand (43 Km)
After landing at Baroda, one should explore the charming beauty of colorful hand-printed dresses accompanied by eye-catchy designs. These designs are available in different small eminent shops. Besides this, one can visit the Sayaji Bagh, a shady, pleasant park that encompasses Asian statues, mangy zoology cravings, and an Egyptian room filled with galleries and iconic miniatures.
For some of the major attractions, one should visit Pavagadh hill; the land is adorned by the hybrid of Jain, Hindu shrines, and towers over Champaner, symbolizing the diversity of culture and traditions. The place further exhibits religious influences which pervaded Gujrat. Places like Jambughoda sanctuary, Lakshmi Vilas Palace, and Champaner are unbeatable tourist places due to their scenic beauty, diversified flora and fauna, and architectural marvels. 

Vadodara (Baroda )consist of a blend of different religions, of which Hinduism is the main religion followed by followers of  Islam. Visitors can witness the blend of modern and traditional fashionable trends in younger, corporate, and tech-savvy demographics, whereas traditional men apparels encompass 'Kediyu' and 'chorno' topped with a turban, and women wear a native dress like 'chaniyo' and 'choli' vai salwar Kurti and saari.
Baroda is also well-renowned as Sanskari Nagari, which means Cultured city due to its numerous traditional dance styles like Garba and distinct celebrated auspicious festivals like Diwali, Uttarayana, Eid, Gudi Padwa, Navratri, Padwa, and many more. These festivals are celebrated with sheer joy and much fanfare. Baroda's enthralling art scenery, traditional music, phenomenal dance forms, and pop culture can single-handedly leave an everlasting impact in the hearts of tourists.
The majority of the citizens consume and relish vegetarian dishes like buttermilk with a hint of sugar and jaggery, mouth-watering spicy pickles, and lentils. Besides this, flavorsome Gujarati thali is the best dish. For non-veg lovers, there is an abundance of non-veg delicacies. Cafes, fast food joints, and street food people serve fragrant and mind-boggling appetizers to satisfy your tastebuds.

Baroda is the 18th largest city in India with a total region of 235 sq. km, and its strategic position makes it eminently suitable for primary-based activities like agriculture. The city is established at an elevation of 128 feet above sea level. Moreover, Baroda encompasses distinct topography and geographical environments. Baroda has 1650 villages and 15 towns in total fringed by Kheda and Anand towards its west

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