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There are three railway stations near Kevadia. The one in Vadodara is 71.94 km away, the one in Bharuch is 75.36 km away, and the one in Ankleshwar is 77.95 km away. If you wish to go by air, taking a flight from Surat is the quickest way to reach Kevadia as Surat is 83 km away from Kevadia. Taking a flight is the fastest and most convenient way to travel to Kevadia, no matter which place you live. One of the most affordable ways to reach Kevadia is through a bus. The bus fare is low, and the seating is comfortable. Once you are in Kevadia, you can travel via cabs or rent a car or a bike. 
Kevadia has a ton of intriguing places to visit for its tourists. First in line comes the very popular Statue of Unity. Statue of Unity is an ode to Sardar Vallabhai Patel. He played an influential role in the making of independent India. If you’re someone who loves to munch on history, then seeing this monument should be on your to-do list. If you are going to Kevadia, visiting the magnificent Sardar Sarovar Dam is a must. It has been built on the Narmada River and is the second-largest dam in the world. If you are devoutly religious, visiting the Swayambhu Sulpaneshwar Temple in Kevadia will prove to be an excellent decision.
Kevadia comes under the Narmada District in Gujarat. It has Maharashtra in the east, Tapi
District in the south, and Bharuch district in the west. Kevadia has an estimated population of about 6500 people. Kevadia is blazing hot in the summers. Therefore, the best time to visit this place is in the winter.
The people living in Kevadia are called Gujaratis. They are known for their intricate traditional outfits called Kediya and Chaniya Choli. These outfits are for men and women,
respectively. These costumes are ornamented with mirrors and have beautiful embroidery. This state is popularly known as the land of festivals for its music and dance performances. 
The Gujarati cuisine has a bunch of delicious treats enjoyed by people of all age groups. Its mouth-watering dishes are enough to win your heart and tastebuds! First in line comes Dhokla. This luscious snack is one of the most popular dishes in Gujarat. Usually accompanied by a cup of tea, it is an enjoyable snack for people all over Gujarat. Then comes the world-famous Theplas. These delicious paranthas are an ideal breakfast option for many. You can have them with spicy or sweet chutneys to enhance their taste. 

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