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Dholavira can be easily reached by road, either by a cab from Bhuj or bus from Bhuj to Rapar, the nearest major town to Dholavira. The journey is about four to five hours long.

Being a part of the ancient civilization of India, Dholavira hosts a series of seals, rock structures like graves and caves, hemispherical constructions, and so forth. Things like copper mirrors, gold bangles, beads, etcetera were found during the excavation procedures. A soft sandstone structure of a male person with phallus Erectus was also found, but its head and feet below ankle truncated were spotted in the passageway of the eastern gate. Apart from these, substances of everyday use like pottery pieces, terra cotta seals, bangles, rings, beads, and intaglio engravings were discovered, which are of primary importance as evidence of the Harappan lifestyle.
Dholavira has been found to have consisted of many painted Indus black-on-red ware pottery, square stamp seals, seals without the Indus script, a huge signboard of 3-meter length with ten letters of the Indus script. A giant bronze hammer, a chisel, bronze hand-held mirror, gold ear studs, gold globules with holes, and so forth were also found.
However, the Harappan script, which consists of 400 basic signs, has not yet been decoded. The writings are directed from right to left and are known as the Khartoshi Script. The Dholavira signboard with different variants of signs was discovered in one of the city's side rooms of the northern gateway. The different evidence also shows that a coastal route probably existed, which linked Lothal and Dholavira to Sutkagan Dor on the Makran Coast.

There is not much difference in the food and culture of Dholavira from the rest of Gujarat. As a place of archaeological and historical significance, it gives its locals the opportunities to live on tourism and similar activities. The people here are mainly from the middle and lower-middle-class strata of society. The Gujarati simplicity is found everywhere in and around Dholavira. The cuisine consists of authentic Gujarati dishes, like, Kadhi, Dhokla, Fafda, etcetera. The food can show you how excellent tastes can be made from fresh vegetables and simple everyday cereals
Dholavira is situated at Khadirbet in the Bhachau Taluka of Kutch district of Gujarat. The exact location can be pinpointed on the Tropic of Cancer, on Khadir Bet Island in the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary in the Great Rann of Kutch. It is a 120 acres quadrangular city lying between two seasonal streams – the Mansar in the north and the Manhar in the South

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