Daman Travel Guide

State Daman and diu

Daman is 193 km n of Mumbai tucked between Maharashtra & Gujarat

Daman Travel Guide

Daman: Blending Modernity with Old World Charm

With a multi cultural and multi lingual heritage, the two former Portuguese coastal enclaves of Daman & Diu are a tourist`s paradise. Stunning Beaches, beautiful Portuguese churches, pleasant climates, exotic liquors, palm trees with ornamental branches all lend an unique and surreal appeal to the Union territories of Daman & Diu. 

Daman is just 192 km north of Mumbai yet bereft of any of the (ill) influence of this busy metropolis. It does show a lot of the Mediterranean like charm of Goa but is not crassly commercialized like its brethren with droves of foreigners. You can feel all the old world charm of a colonial India (remember the Portuguese left as late as 1961) here with little disturbance. 

The Portuguese influence on these two places stands imminent with the rich architectural evidence. The rich historic past, pubs, quaint fisherman and their songs create the right ambience for the travelers to take a break and escape the cacophony and humdrum of city life.

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