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Coorg Travel Guide

Coorg - The Scotland of India

...where mist leaves a peck...frowzled meadows whisper freshness... urchin clouds tickles the valley peaks… to reverberate the song of flowing water…it just happens in Coorg- the final stroke to your fantasy!!

Coorg or Kodagu is located in the Southern India in the state of Karnataka. Originally known as Kodagu (in Kannada Language), it was spelt as Coorg during the British Raj, and since then Kodagu is popularly referred by its anglicized name Coorg. Sprawling wide on 4100 sq km of land, Coorg is sashed by the Western Ghats in its four corners. Constituting of numerous panoramic pieces of lands sewed into one effect — Coorg— the district is noted for coffee, tea and spice produces. Coorg’s capital town, Madikeri is the prime attraction with unceasing quotient of coffee undulations, Cauvery River, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries et al. Find many more attractions like Dubare, Bylakkuppe, Siddapura, Kakkabe, Nagarhole National Park in the Coorg Travel Guide.

Coorg City Guide, a comprehensive city guide, is your great travel help proffering 12 un-trodden places of interest and more than 13 getaways from Madikeri. This made-to-order city guide helps you find: accommodation for all classes; check out shopping avenues; go in for best places to dine; decide best time and occasion to visit and so on and so forth. Our ‘How to Reach’ section is a travel searchlight offering a list of trains, buses and flights, in addition to the driving directions for 25 and more destinations. With so much to do and see, throw yourself to the addiction that Coorg is.

Any queries for Coorg? Coorg Travel Guide is the answer.

How to Reach

How to Reach Coorg

At an impressive altitude of 1100 mts above sea and in colossal expanse of 4100 kms, paradise beckons!!! A pristine landscape of coffee, nutmegs and spice plantations, Coorg invites. When planning a jaunt to Madikeri, gulp down the word road! Undulating roads!! Jig jag roads!!! Bumpy roads!!! Smooth Roads!!! Madikeri/Coorg travel is alleviated by an excellent connection of roads and highways running right through the destination. Mysore is the central rail connection, providing link between Coorg and other parts of India. Mangalore, Bangalore and Kodagu are the nearest air strip drawing traffic from other cities of India to Madikeri. The journey up to Coorg has been assuaged for the tourist through all means of transport.

Pick out your means of transport now! 


Distance from Madikari to other locations
Place Distance
Mysore 136 kms
Mangalore 136 kms
Bangalore 256 kms
Kukke Subramanya 100 kms
Talacauvery 48 kms
Kakkabe 45 kms
Kushalnagar 35 kms
Siddapur 28 kms
Somwarpet 40 kms
Hassan 115 kms
Kasargod 106 kms


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How to Reach Coorg by Airways

How to Reach Coorg by Railways

How to Reach Coorg by Road

Flight Schedule to Coorg

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Bus Schedule To Coorg

How to Reach Coorg by Local Transportation

Road Map to Coorg


Coorg Attractions & Tourist Places

Coorg disrance chartAdorned with several epithets—‘Scotland of India’ and ‘Coffee bowl of India’— Coorg is decked with feathers of unmatched-beautiful-destinations in its plume. Sightseeing in Madikeri can be enjoyed in two phases, inclusive of local and other place of interest. Aside the Raja’s Seat and Madikeri Fort as well as areas around it, the tourist spots’ are legion in and around this home of amazing beauty.  With so much to do and see travellers can breathe Coorg with every place of interest they come across!!! 

In Madikeri

Fort Palace: Marked with the striking architecture, the Fort Palace is a jewel in the crown of beatitude in Coorg. read more 

Raja Seat: For those who have not been there, Raja’s Seat (Seat of the King) can be conjured as a place on the horizon. read more 

Gandhi Mantapam: Gandhi Mantapam is located to the left of Raja Seat. It is a memorial to the father of the nation.  read more

Omkareshwara Temple: The Omkareshwar Temple in Coorg is located at a certain height of 1,170 ft above the ground level. read more 

Around Madikeri

The Abbi Falls: A place of great interest and striking beauty, Abbi Falls have puts every heart under its spell.  read more

Thalacauvery: Thalacauvery is the most significant pilgrimage centre in Madikeri drawing attention.  read more

Bhagandeshwara Temple Complex: Bhagmandala marks the confluence of three rivers- Cauvery, Kannika and subterranean river Sujyoti. read more 

Balamuri: Also known as Anugraha Kshetra, Balamuri is 18 km from the Madikeri headquarter. read more 

Eshwara Temple: Temples and religiosity prevail throughout Madikeri. Eshwara Temple is another in the row of temple that attracts a lot of crowd. Eshwara Temple is quiet near to Murnad and can be approached KSRTC buses plying to and fro to the place.

Madhuvana: Another amazing attraction very close to a bee rearing museum called as "Madhuvana", which is famous for Honey making centre. The museum here is equipped with high technology of bee rearing and gains recognition of being first-of-its-kind. read more 

Note: There are many KSRTC buses available from Kodagu and other districts to Bhagmandala and Talacauvery. 

Raja’s Tomb (Gadduge): A silent white structure dominates some area narrating the story of yesteryear, Raja’s Tomb or Gadugge.  read more

Chelavara Falls: A quaint little place, Chelavara Falls is majestic place worth seeing. Choc-a-bloc with natural beauty, the fall is located 16 km from Virajpet. The roars can be heard from a distance and the water gets dissected in two different streams. Two km from here is place is "Choma Kunda" Hills, famed for its mesmerising beauty and sunset station. read more


Coorg Excursions & Getaways

Coorg, a picturesque city, is an important and central tourist destination in Karnataka, and is surrounded with plenitude of scenic spots. The entire stretch of Coorg and its hotspots make excellent excursion within the district. Butting against each other are countless wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, trekking spots, temples so on and so forth.

Dubare: Dubare is situated at a distance of 18 km from Kushalnagar. It is an unending expanse of 11 acres of fascination. Maintained and taken care by Karnataka Forest Department, Dubare is all a sight to behold. Read more...  

Bylakkupe: In the exodus from Tibet that followed the 1959 Chinese invasion, thousands Tibetian refugees settled around Bylakuppe, 5km southeast of Kushalnagar, where Karnataka Government gifted them 1200 hectares of land. Read more...  

Kakkabe: A must-see- heaven of nature, Kakkabe is coiffed with amazing avifauna species, honey combs, rare-to-be-seen orchids and plants. An untainted piece of land, clear of hoardings and advertisements, Kakkabe is nature’s lab. Read more...  

Nagarhole National Park: Nagarhole National Park is equi-distant from Mysore and Madikeri and 69 km from Virajpet. Comprising three forests ranges namely: Nagarhole, Kallahalla and Thitimati, the National Park brims with all kinds of wild life species like wild elephants to bison, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, wild pig. Read more...

Siddapura: Optimal rainfall and Rolling Meadows of Siddapur has made the town a tourist’s hub of Coorg. The drive from Madikeri is most captivating section of visiting this town. Ornated with coffee scents, twitters and sights of colourfull birds and rise and fall of undulating driveway as well as abundance of calm and greenery. Read more... 

Nisargadhama: The most popular tourist spot in Dubare, Nisargadhama is a Deer Park that comes under the aegis of State Forest Department. Cauvery Nisargadhama is an exquisite island formed by river Cauvery 3 km from Kushalnagar, off the state highway, and 20 km from Madikeri. Read more... 

Harangi Dam: An idyllic place in Dubare, Harangi is 8 km from Kushalnagar. Offering picture-pretty sceneries, Harangi is a water reservoir; inundated and enhanced with a beautiful dam, it is worth a stopover. Just around the reservoir there is a temple and Basava enshrining a Linga. Read more... 

Thadiyendamol: The place is as high as its difficult pronunciation. It happens to be the highest peak of Karnataka faring at an unimaginable height of 5,724 ft near Nalkad Place. Located at distance of 40 km from Madikeri, the peak cannot be accessed all on jeep or 4W vehicles, as the... read more 

Nalnad Palace: It was here in the mountains vicinage the Kings frequented during to beat the blues. Named as Nalnadu initially, it got shortened with time to Nalkad Palace. Constructed at the foot of Tadiyandamol Hills, the highest peak in Madikeri. Read more... 

Paddi Igutthappa/Subramanya Temple: This temple is located on the hammock; the base of the hill hock can be reached by the network of motorable roads, after which a long stretch of steep stairs connects the base to the temple. Clad with plush greenery of hills, Padi Igutthappa Temple is...Read more 

Namdroling Monastery: T he monastery belongs to Sangha Community and preserves the Buddha preaching’s intact for its worldwide dissemination. Namdroling Monastery is a huge, brightly painted and peaceful place to visit. This monastery houses a behemoth, golden coloured... read more 

Golden Temple: The whole of Golden Temple and area surrounding the temple it is imbued with Tibetian Culture, monks and monasteries. An unexpected attraction in Coorg, Golden Temple is located at distance of 40 km from Madapur... read more

Kiomoi Must Dos

Coorg - Kiomoi Must Dos

Coffee country … scents of fresh coffee and tea-wafted breeze, Coorg is carpeted with coffee/ tea plantations. A cuppa full of life! 

Pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, nutmeg, chillies, and the list are unending and even the spice plantations too. Coorg is a spicy affair. 

Life is synonymous to Cauvery/Kaveri. Flowing interminable in Coorg, it gurgles in every Kodavans’ heart and at Dubare and Thadiyendamol too. 

Elephants share their bathroom and readily enjoy scrub from strangers at Dubare waters. Hop to Elephant Interaction Programme

Up above the sky; tee off perfect to fix the balls on the sand brown. Kodagu is Golfer’s home

Your taste is the menu here. Coorgis are perfect foodies and non-veg dishes are preferred choice of all. Eat the Coorg Cuisines to your heart’s content. 

Trek to discover Coorg’s challenges: Thadiyandamol, Bramhagiri, and Pushpagiri. 

Forget LG, Videocon and Voltas because nature’s Air Condition never ceases at Coorg. Misty and chilly weather is at offer here. Take a stroll or cycling trip. 

Coorg rose and Coorg lilac in a riot of colours allures every eye. Coorg is frilled with natural colours and flowers. 

Shop and never drop! Varieties of items such as silk saree, wooden souvenir, bamboo crafts, so on and so forth keep you on your heels. 

Festivals are unending and days are less at Coorg. Try and catch all of them whenever possible.

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Coorg Accommodations

Staying at Coorg is an experience. Excellent accommodation arrangements in the green charm of Coorg make an ideal holiday. Studded with red tiled British buildings, Coorg teems with all kinds of accommodation types: budget to three stars to five stars to deluxe and luxury class hotels. Priced accordingly, Coorg stays have mastered the art of hospitality and geniality to their guests. Homes away in the green tranquillity, home stays are accommodation trend at Coorg. Well furnished to the core, home stays, preferably, are the most sought after idea of accommodation among the travellers who zero into this destination. Most of the home stays are located close to bus stand and very near to the market area. Be a part of these homes away from homes this season in Coorg. Besides, travellers can avail middle to high budget stay at Plantation Trails, owned by Tata Coffee in Pollibetta, 4 km from Coorg.


Some of the preferable choices to stay are Aarti Home Stay, Capitol Village, Coorg International, Coorg Planters Camp, Mayura Valley View, Kodagu Plaza, Hill view, Eshwari Cottage and Chirpy Havens.


Eat n Dine

Coorg Eat n Dine

Food, food and food!!! Good news for foodies- Coorg is loaded with dotted with many big and small restaurants that serve local and excellent Coorgi dishes. Tempered generously with coconut, curry leaves, chilli, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and ginger, all kind of cuisines from Indian to Chinese to Tibetan to Continental. Almost all roadsides restaurant serve with excellent south Indian coffee.


Coorgis are voracious meat eaters and veggies might have to face some disappointment. Vegetarians can go in for Udupi Hotel, Hotel Veglands, Mayura Valley View Hotel and Hotel Choice. Another good option is usual masala dosas at East End Hotel (near Tollgate, Madikeri). Coorg Hotel is another food joint that dishes out authentic coorg curry and paranthas. The Raj Darshan is a popular way-station for a hot meal. Uppal Orchid Restaurant specializes in serving excellent food platter.


Read More on Coorg cuisines


Shopping at Coorg

A paradise for all shopaholics’, Coorg is an inviting shopping destination. Boasting of its many prized possessions like coffee, silk sarees, tea plantations peppers, nutmegs and cardamom, Coorg is home to the finest of orange and coffee plantation too. You can discover many shops on your way to exploring Coorg. Also, one can bid in purchasing coffee and tea at unimaginable prices here. Lot of small and large shops are engaged in selling the local produces at Coorg. However, suggested is to buy these items in bulk from retail shops at Madikeri. Bargainers can have their pick from market near Kushalnagar.


Another vying best buys at Coorg are spices, Honey and Oranges that can be bought at extremely cheap price here. Coorg is not all about spices and oranges; there are silk sarees, Tibetian artefacts as well in the row. Honey and other collectibles souvenir are also available in the market besides the bamboo stuffs and handicrafts.


Festivals in Coorg

Kailpoldu/ Kail Muhurta

A prominent festival of Coorg, Kailpoldu falls between 2nd and 5th of September every year. Kialpoldu or Kail Muhurta marks the completion day of paddy transplantations aka ‘nati’. On this fortunate day, the weapons deposited in the Kanni Kombre (prayer room) during the crop plantation months, are taken out and embellished with flowers and sandalwood. Men of the family are given their weapons and arms to guard their field from wild animals and unnecessary elements on this auspicious day. As a part of the festival, all weapons are assembled in Nellakki Nadubade" – the place of community gathering. The men and people bathe in the river Cauvery and feast in enjoyment after which the elder most in the family hand the gun/weapon to other family members. 


Kaveri Shankaramana

Kaveri Shankramana falls on 17th October every year. The festival is associated with paying religious reverence to Mother Cauvery, who breathes life in Coorg by inundating and decorating the whole of valley with her consecrated water. Presence of Holy Cauvery is felt by everyone at Thala Cauvery as a sudden upsurge of water fills the Bramh Kundike at Tala Cauvery. On this fortunate day, Tala Cauvery is thronged by thousands of pilgrims who take a dip in the Kund to purge them of sin and receive blessings of the Goddess. The consecrated water is also carried to many homes in Kodagu and preserved for religious uses. Married women perform puja by wearing new silk saree and cutting vegetables in the form of river Kaveri. Hereafter, the shape is decorated with flowers, ornaments and bangles. Vegetable-cut-statue of Lord Cauvery is worshipped with rice and sandal powder. A grand vegetarian feast is organised comprising dosa, vegetable curry (usually pumpkin curry) (kumbala kari) and payasa. Kaveri Shankarmana is an ideal time to visit Thala Cauvery and be blessed by the Goddess. 



The Puttari / Huttari is celebrated during the late November. Huttari means new rice and the day signifies a new yield of rice crop. This new agricultural is celebrated by the whole community gathered in ain mane (the family assembly hall). On the day of festival ain mane is decked with flowers and green mango, as a ritual in Kodava. A procession of family members, led by the eldest women of the family, is taken out to the paddy fields. Paddy is offered to God and Goddess. Huttari is celebrated in full zeal with youth dancing to the local songs and money distributed to the younger. Specific foods are prepared (thambuttu puttari mean kari (fish kari),poli poli, thambuttu is a dish prepared with rice floor and bananas.

Important Addresses

Coorg Important Addresses

Coorg Addresses
Name Address Phone No.
Permission for Trekking on Bramhgiri Deputy Conservator of Forests, Hunsur Wildlife Division Hunsur, Mysore 08274-246331
Permission for Trekking on Bramhgiri Range Forest Officer, Srimangla Wildlife Range, Virajpet Taluka, Kodagu Dist 08274-246331, 9448813835
Permission for Fishing in Coorg Coorg Wildlife Society PB No. 111, Near China Gate, Madikeri, Madikeri. Kodagu 571201 08272-223505
Tourist Office Karnataka Tourism, Hotel Mayura Valley View,Madikeri 08272-225850
Karanataka State Tourism n Department Corporation Badami House, NR Square Bangalore 080-2275869
Coorg Golf Links Bittangla, Virajpet, Galibeedu Village , Mercara 08272-256252, 258358, 314216, 08272-223516
TATA Coffee Officers Golf Club Pollibetta, Coorg Tel: 08274-251449
Forest Conservator Forest Department, Nisargadhama 08272-228305
Conservator of Forests Wildlife South Circle, Aranya Bhavan,Ashokapuram, Mysore 0821-480901
Coorg Wildlife Society Kodagu Planters’ Association, Post Box 111. Near DFO Quarters 08272-29873
Coorg Activities

Activities in Coorg

Deep valleys, steep slopes of tea plantation, rivulets, gorges and meandering curves of Cauvery give in ample scope for adventure and activities in Coorg. A right place for adventure and fun-loving veins, every inch is a refreshing activity for mind and body here. Right from the entrance to treks to everything you do here has adventure streak in it. Well, it is one place where all languid hearts are groomed to high-adrenaline levels.
Take a quick look to the activities that can be enjoyed in Madikeri. 


Activities in Dubare

Elephant Training Camp, Dubare: Since all the activities in Dubare revolve near water, the best to experience is the elephant training camp. Read More... 

Elephant Interaction Programme: It starts early at 8:30, including luxurious 45-50 minutes bath in Cauvery. The elephant bathing programme is followed by feeding frenzy, followed by 30-minutes ride on the back of the pachyderm. Read More... 


Angling in Coorg

Coorg is a major attraction for Anglers n Fishing freaks. Blessed with Cauvery River, which flows throughout the city, it reeves in a whole lot of scope for fishing. Read More... 


Golf in Coorg

Why let your letting your sporting spirit suffer while on holiday. Tee up your spirit and the game across Karnataka, while on holiday or weekend break. Read More... 


White Water Rafting in Coorg

Seasonal White Water Rafting is the best grab at Coorg. Exciting opportunity and thrilling river adventure, rafting remains a prominent attraction in here. Read More...

Elephant Training Camp

Coorg - Elephant Training Camp

Activities in Dubare

Directions: Bangalore—Mysore - Kushalnagar - Gudde (take a left turn) - Siddapur (15 km from here) - JLR Dubare Camp Board - (left turn)—Dubare. 

Best time to Visit: Post monsoon the whole of Dubare freshens up, streams and gorges filled with Cauvery water, it is an attraction. July and mid-September are good months to visit Dubare. 

Driving Tip: The road gets narrower 2 km ahead of Dubare. So much so that just one vehicle can pass on this lane. Drive gets bumpy and condition worsens, so be cautious. 


Elephant Training Camp, Dubare

Since all the activities in Dubare revolve near water, the best to experience is the elephant training camp. The elephant training camp is sandwiched between the south banks of Cauvery and Dubare Reserve Forest. Elephant Training camp was commenced 5 years back, and continues to attract tourists from all spheres of India. Dubare Elephant Training camp has recently seen an addition from 13 to 18 in the number of elephants. The jungle lodges in Dubare are crammed with activities such as boating, campfire and elephant ride. The package includes trekking with a guide, a coracle ride and rendezvous with pachyderm. 


Elephant Interaction Programme

It starts early at 8:30, including luxurious 45-50 minutes bath in Cauvery. The bathing programme is followed by frenzy feeding which is again followed by 30-minutes ride on the back of the pachyderm. Tourists can enjoy feeding the large food balls to friendly pachyderms. Interestingly, the elephants enjoy raagi and jaggery balls of food. Don’t drop jaws when you see these mammoth mammals having high appetite and they can consume 170 kg. The guide or the Mahout educates you about the Asian and African Elephants while you bathe the elephants and their calves. Mind you… mother elephants or the cows are protective of their baby calves. 



Dubare Elephant Training Centre has well established staying facilities with 10 luxurious cottages. 



Kiomoi TIP

There are day as well as morning package. Avail as per your choice. Make it mandatory to carry items such as: swimming trunks; rubber duckies or inflatable tubes. Best is to avoid monsoon as Cauvery turns refractory to calm and is a raging torrent.

White Water Rafting

Coorg - White Water Rafting

Seasonal White Water Rafting is the best grab at Coorg. Exciting opportunity and thrilling river adventure, rafting remains a prominent attraction in here. Coorg transforms into a haven of thrills and chills, post monsoon when rivers and lakes over flow with monsoon water. Coorg challenges its gut-testing rafters to gear their adventure-seeking soul... 


At Dubare:- White Water Rafting at Dubare is quiet exciting. Run by the local resorts and jungle lodges, you can choose to start as early as 08:30 and spend full three hours at Dubare, gliding and swaying down the river. Children above 12 only are allowed. 


At Barapole River:-The Barapole River is a more suited and thrilling White Water escapade trove. Run, and a benefactor of SRA (Southern River Adventure), Barpole River is choc-a-bloc with best of facilities in rafting. A one hour stretch with three plus rapids, Barapole River is watered by torrents of rainwater in Bramhgiri Hills. Best time for White Water Rafting in this stretch is mid June to September. 


Rafting Base at Barpole River:-The rafting base is located at Ponya Coffee Estate on the banks of river Barapole. Conveniently constructed for rafters, the base is well maintained with amenities like changing facilities, hot water showers, old wood fire and reception area. 


Basic Requirements for Rafting 


Minimum Age: 14 years for normal rafting on the Upper Gorge; 16 years for full day and overnight trips 

Weight: 110 kg and not more than that. 

Clothing: Shorts and Tops; especially man made fire like, rayon, polyester, teri cotton. 

Health Fitness: An average health and fitness is required for the rafters. In case of any prevailing medical health problems, one must inform in advance. 




  • Anybody under the influence of alcohol and drugs would not be allowed on rafting board
  • Jewelleries, watches, valuables, money and cell phone are not allowed to carry while rafting 

Must Ensure 


  • Signing of the indemnity bond is mandatory for all rafters. Rafters who do not sign that will be guarded from rafting
  • Minimum numbers of people required are for a rafting trip is 6
  • Carry an umbrella, boots/shoes made of rubber and rain jacket (rainfall is generally heavy) 


Take Note 


  • Swimming is not essential eligibility for new comers
  • Guests must abide by the schedule and timings in order to contribute to the trip’s enjoyment. 




  • The approximate time on the trip constitutes 2 hours on the river including training and essential “dip” in the water
  • Generally full day and more days’ trips are done in lower water.


Golfing in Coorg

Golfing in Coorg

Why let your sporting spirit suffer while on holiday? Tee up your spirit and the game across Karnataka while on holiday or weekend break. Besides the height allure, sylvan setting and bewitching beauty, Coorg serves to the Golfers’ dream with its functional and good clubhouse, courteous staff as well as good food. A couple of hours drive toward the west of Mysore and you reach to the Coorg—Coffee Capital. Presently, Coorg has three active golf courses: Coorg Golf Links in Bittangala; Mercara Downs in Mercara (TATA Coffee), Coorg Golf Links near Virajpet. The Tata Coffee Course has 9 greens while the Belur Club and Mercara Downs offer a different experience of playing on sand browns. The newest and an addition to the existing course in Coorg is the Coorg Golf Links at Bittangla. 

  • Coorg Golf Links Bittangla, Virajpet Tel: 08272-256252, 258358, 314216
  • Distance: 5- to 6- hours drive from Bangalore
  • Affiliations: KGA, BGC, MEG Bangalore. Bombay Presidency Golf Club and others
  • Golf Course: 18 holes (greens)
  • Green Fee: Affiliated members Rs 150, non Members: Rs 200 ­­
  • Caddy Fee: Rs60
  • Golf Set Entry: Rs 150
  • Entry Rule: Handicap card required
  • Tariff: Rs 1,500; meals Rs 75-150 per head
  • Staying: Orange Country helps arranging the game
  • Kiomoi TIP: Jun to September are not-so-favourable months for paying a visit.

Virajpet is located in the centre of Coorg’s Coffee garden and boasts to be one of the best places to visit. The Coorg Golf Link in Virajpet is an full-fledged 18 hole layout with ways extending to the peak of the hill. Verdant evergreen locales add to the beauty of the Golf Ground!!! And is an apt choice for a short jaunt. Coorg Golf Links is the best and affiliated with Karnataka Golf Course Association and Bangalore Golf Club. It has two kinds of terrain: Front 9 and Back 9. 

Mercara Downs Golf Club 

  • Galibeedu Village Mercara Telefax: 08272:223516
  • Distance: 51/2 hr drive from Bangalore
  • Course: 18 holes (brown)
  • Green Fee Rs 100 Caddy Rs 70 Golf Set and Cart Rs 200
  • Entry Rule: Handicap not required
  • Kiomoi TIP: Winter months are hard for the game, rainy and pre-monsoon season is ideal. Mercara downs are the oldest of the Karnataka Golf Course and claims a healthy & fit body. It is laid on the rolling grasslands and carpeted with brown grass. The course is huge and tiring with brown holes all over.

TATA Coffee Officers Golf Club 

  • Pollibetta, Coorg Tel: 08274-251449
  • Distance: 5 hrs from Bangalore
  • Course: 9 holes
  • Fee: Entry Fee on entry recommendation. Rs 300 for staying at Resort
  • Accommodation: 5 rooms at Bamboo Club
  • Kiomoi TIP: Membership of a prestigious club helps
Angling n Fishing

Coorg - Angling and Fishing

Direction: Dubare—re-cross the river - Siddapur Road-turn left – and again to left sign board and straight 3 km to Valnoor. 


Indians: Rs 100 weekdays; Rs 400 weekends
Foreigners: Rs 500 Weekdays; Rs 2000 Weekends 


Coorg is a major attraction for Anglers n Fishing freaks. Blessed with Cauvery River, which flows throughout the city, it reeves a whole lot of scope for fishing. The river bank areas have wide varieties of fish like together with mahseer, rohu, katli and trout. The river water lapping up in the stream is a haven for fish such as mackerel, marlin and sea bass, to the fishing freak’s delight. Valnur Fishing Camp, on the banks of Kushalnagar, happens to be the right address for angling and Fishing enthusiasts. Abundance of Ladyfish and Mahseer are available for the fisher’s amazement. Many of the fishes here weight up to 50 kg. At Valnoor, the Cauvery swells wide into a pool and gets populated with Mahseer and Rohu. The Forest Department, in collaboration with Coorg Wildlife Society, offers angling at departments Riverside Cottage at Valanoor. The whole of setting is incipient without food and electricity supply. 


Note: All tourists interested and heading for fishing must have the permit to angling. The permit can be obtained on 08272-223505 or 267476. Fishing license is a necessary for all and fishing without permission is an offense. 


On Fishing in Coorg 


License: All fishing and anglers must gulp down the fact-“Fishing License”. Those without it on the spot would be penalized and hauled out. And once you have attained the permits and met the authority mandarins, you must make sure that all fishes must be released in water after catch. Also, anglers cannot exceed a specified a number of fish catch a day. Although obtaining fishing permission is easy, but one can’t get permissions during monsoon, as the season is considered a potent breeding time. A word for all anglers: Patience plays well!!


Obtaining permission: All Anglers are required to fill a form of areas where of fish found and details of weight and size. This form must be returned to the respective secretary of the society along with keys of the cottage.

Bird Watching in Coorg

Coorg - The Heaven for Bird Watchers



Coorg is a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers. In a place like Coorg, watching birds is an enjoyable pastime, and could be a forerunner to a scientific study of the faunal world. Aesthetically, what is more beautiful than a bird? Also, bird watching is an invigorating activity requiring walks in treed areas and sometimes expeditions to trace rare species.

Here`s why Coorg remains a haven for birds and therefore, for bird watchers. Most of Coorg lies in the Western Ghats, in the path of the South-West Monsoon. The annual rainfall in Coorg ranges from 4000 to 8000 mm over the Western Ghats decreasing in the plains to the east to about 2000 mm. It is one of the 34 environmental hotspots with rich bio-diversity in the world.

The total number of bird species that inhabit the earth has been estimated to be about 8600. The Indian subcontinent itself is home to over 2060 species and sub-species. It is amazing to note that nearly 25% of these are found in Coorg alone! However, deforestation, tree felling, submergence and encroachment of forestland gravely threaten the rich flora and fauna of Coorg. Forest fires and clearing forests for ginger cultivation are fast becoming major threats to the survival of plant and animal life of Coorg.

Among the Coorgs (Kodavas), there is a unique way of protecting small forest areas: From time immemorial, Devarakaadus (sacred forests) have been set apart and designated for worshipping various deities. Felling trees in these sacred groves is strictly prohibited and hunting is restricted. A reported number of 1214 Devarakaadus covering a total area of 3,650 sq. kms have been earmarked as bio-buffers in Coorg. These Devarakadus reflect the concern for preservation of the flora and fauna among the Coorgs.

Recent related awareness projects undertaken by the Forest Department, NGOs and other research organisations have brought new hope to conservationists and nature lovers. They have motivated local public to form their own committees to preserve their own Devarakaadus. These Devarakadus reward bird watchers with sights of not less than 50 bird species at a time! Birds like the Malabar Trogon, the Nilgiri Laughing-Thrush, the Great Black Woodpecker, and the Malabar Whistling-Thrush can be considered as keystone species for the Coorg district.

The other flagship species are the Great Pied Hornbill, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Wynaad and Grey-breasted Laughing Thrushes, Blue-winged Parakeet, Grey-headed Bulbul, White-bellied Treepie, the Nilgiri and White-bellied Blue Flycatchers, Black Eagle and Ceylon Frogmouth.

There are names for nearly 80% of birds found in Coorg in the Coorg dialect! These include names for birds like House Sparrows (mane pakshi), Mynas (kuruli), Bulbuls (kottumbudcha), Herons (poley), to migratory birds like Wagtails (balaatimonni) and rare birds like Laughing Thrushes (telibaaya).


Some Important Data Regarding Birds of Coorg

  •   Number of bird species in India: over 1250 (in 96 families)
  • Number of bird species in India including sub-species: Over 2060
  • Number of bird species in Coorg: 307 (in 62 families)
  • Number of birds that migrate to Coorg during winter: 43 (Bar-headed Goose, Pintail, Sandpipers/Snipes, Rosy Starling, Golden Oriole, Wagtails, Warblers etc.)
  • Number of critically endangered species: 2 (Indian White-backed Vulture and Niligiri Laughing Thrush)
  • Number of vulnerable species: 28 (Darter, Storks, Grey Junglefowl, Nilgiri Woodpigeon, Forest Eagle-Owl, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Grey-headed Bulbul, Broad-tailed Grass Warbler etc.)

Dos and Don`ts for Bird Watchers

  • Equip yourself with a copy of "Feathered Jewels of Coorg", a camera and a pair of good binoculars
  • Wear dull coloured clothes that blend with the surroundings. Avoid bright, gaudy clothing.
  • Walk slowly and quietly. Avoid running, making unnecessary noise and talking loudly.
  • Learn to spot small movements in foliage from the corners of your eyes.
  • Learn to observe bird activities from a distance. Do not go too close to the birds; they may fly off, hide in foliage or stop singing or calling.
  • If you see a bird`s nest, eggs or young, do not touch or disturb them. Birds keep a watch on the movements of intruders, including bird watchers, and thereafter eat or destroy their own eggs or chicks.
  • Birds are busiest during mornings and evenings, when they return to their nests. These times are the best for watching birds and hearing them sing.


Courtesy: Dr S.V. Narasimhan, author of the book "Feathered Jewels of Coorg".

Useful Facts

Coorg - Some Useful Facts

State: Karnataka

STD Code: 08242

Pin Code: 571201

Location: Western Ghats of southwest Karnataka

Famous for: Coffee, Tea, Nutmegs, Pepper and Oranges

Altitude: 1,525m

Area: 4,126 sq km 

Best time to visit: A pleasant place for all seasons, Coorg is an addiction! March makes the most ideal time to visit Coorg. Madikeri can also be seen in its full blossom during monsoon. That’s why this season is called as On Season for visiting Madikeri. Summers are affordable with a max of 25 -30 degrees centigrade and, surprisingly, winters are not-so-cold, as assumed by many people. Although pleasant throughout, but during the rainy season it can be worst with high humidity level.  

Kiomoi TIP: Avoid weekends as it is mostly filled by visitors from near by places. 

Clothing: In summers, try wearing light cotton clothes and warm woollen accessories during the winters. 

Local Languages: Kodava Tak, Malyalam, English and Kannad 

Communication: Coorg has better BSNL connections than any other mobile 

Ambulance: 08242-25444 

Nearest Bank: State Bank of India (SBI), AXIS, ICICI, Indian OverseasMoney: There is a money changing facility at the State Bank of India, College Rd. 

Canara Bank, Main Rd; changes travellers` cheque and give advance on credit cards. 

Canara Bank Timing: 10:30 am-2:30 pm (Monday to Friday) 

Cyber Cafe: Internet at Cyber Zone, Paramount Tourist Home Bldg, 1st floor, next to Hotel Chitra, has good cheap Internet facilities for Rs 25 per hr. 

Nearest Petrol Pump: Madikeri 

Ambulance: 25444 

Police Phone Lines: General: 100 Rural: 28777, Town: 29333 

Fire: 101 &08242- 29299

Nearest Railway Station: Mysore, Tellicherry, Mangalore, Hassan

Tourist Office

Coorg Tourist Offices

Tourist Office Karnataka Tourism,
Hotel Mayura Valley View,
Raja’s Seat, Madikeri
Tel: 08272-225850  

Karanataka State Tourism Department Corporation
Badami House, NR Square, Bangalore
Tel: 080-2275869

Bank and ATMs

Banks and ATMs in Coorg

State Bank of India
College Road,
Madikeri, Karnataka


Weather in Coorg

Altitude: 1525 mt above the sea level

Summer Temperature: Minimum: 25°C; Maximum: 35°C

Winter Temperature: Minimum: 9°C; Maximum: 20°C

Coorg wears a pleasant weather of mist and fog throughout the year. A cool and moderate climatic condition of Coorg helps in maintaining it as a perfect tourist spots. Overall, Coorg remains in spotlight in all seasons but months of monsoon and winter tunes to extreme weather conditions. Apart from three-season-cycle, Coorg experiences no other defined season round the year.  

Temperature in Coorg

Temperature in Coorg varies from season to season. Summers temperatures are reasonably warm with a record of 25-35°C in the peak months. However, the atmospheric conditions are observed cool during the nights, while the night through evening weather transformation is very pleasant. Winters are chilly and cool enough comparatively. Temperature drops down to 15-20 degrees Celsius, with an occasional dip to 9 degree centigrade. December to February are the coldest month of Coorg.  

Monsoons in Coorg

The onset of monsoon touches the valley green and rivers, streams, rivulets start overflowing. June is the expected month for monsoon kickoff and June to August, the area receives heavy rainfall. Humidity raises high during these months.

Local Holidays

Coorg Local Holidays

Karnataka State Holidays 2009
Occasion Date
Muharram January 8
Makara Sankaranthi January 14
Republic Day January 26
Maha Shivarathri February 23
Id Milad March 10
Ugadi March 27
Mahavir Jayanti April 7
Good Friday April 10
Ambedkar Jayanti April 14
Basaveshwara Jayanti April 27
Labour Day May 1
Independence Day August 15
Mahalaya Amavasya September 18
Ramzan September 21
Vijayadasami September 28
Gandhi Jayanti October 2
Naraka Chaturdasi October 17
Balipadayami October 19
Kannada Rajyotsava November 1
Kanaka Jayanti November 5
Bakrid November 28
Christmas December 25