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The terrain is marked by the ruggedness of the lower Himalayan range. The place offers glimpses of the higher Himalayas without having to travel to North Sikkim. Zuluk held a strategic place in the famed Silk Route that connected China to India. It was a strategic post being used by ancient traders traveling to and from Tibet while passing the Jelep Pass. Being close to Tibet, visitors require special permits to visit this place. 
The beauty of the place is that Zuluk is covered with brightly coloured rhododendrons during the summer months. The riot of colours is a feast to the eyes. During the winter months, the temperature ranges between 3-degree Celsius to 10-degree Celsius. Due to high humidity levels outside, the weather is quite pleasant, even during the chilly season. Owing to the location of the place, Zuluk is ideal for a visit throughout the entire year.

This quaint hamlet in Eastern Sikkim has about 700 residents. Besides, there is an Indian Army base here, used as a transit camp. The village is in close proximity to the Indo-Tibet border, which is why the presence of the military settlement is here. Most of the residents here belong to Nepal. Most of the people here are conversant in Nepali and Bhutia. People here mostly follow Hinduism,  with some from the Buddhist community and the rest following Christianity. 
The place is quite offbeat with no ATMs, pharmacy or medicine shops, and poor internet connectivity.
You get to enjoy the local cuisine at Zuluk, including traditional soups, stew, meats, dumplings, and a whole lot of mouth-watering dishes.
Zuluk is a paradise for tourists – there are natural beauties like the thick forests and the mountain ranges, on the one hand, and man-made features on the other.
Thambi View Point is one of the must-visit places here. It is a steep ride, and tourists experience the zig-zag route, or 32 loops or hairpin bends on the mountainous terrain. For about 14 km, from Zuluk to Thambi View Point, be prepared to cover sharp turns and twists at the height of 11,200 feet above sea level. The unique feature of the route is that you can still see the ancient stone-paved roads from the Silk Route period. The best time to travel to the Point is just before sunrise. Looking down from the Point, you get to see a thick green blanket, a virgin forest where no human being has ever set his foot on. People who love bird watching can observe rare species of birds like Himalayan Monal or Satyr Tragopan.
Lungthung is a bit ahead of the Thambi View Point, located at the height of 13,000 ft.  As you undertake the steep rise, you will come across small local tea stalls and villages filled with Tibetan migrants. 
Tukla is another 4 km ahead of Lungthung. You get to see a war memorial built in the memory of Tibetan fighters who fought the battler of Tukla in 1903. Nathang Valley is located a few kilometers away from here. Here, you can book for an overnight stay – the only hitch is that some people need to acclimatize to the high altitude. The Old Baba Mandir is another few kilometers from Tukla. Here is where the dresses, bed, and bunker of Baba Harbhajan Singh are preserved. Stopover at Kupup for a treat of the local cuisine at small eateries here. You can then visit the elephant-shaped Yak Golf Course, the highest golf course in the world maintained by the Indian Army. 
Another top place to visit near Zuluk is Memenchu Lake. You need special permission to reach here. Arrangements for a night stay can be made at a cottage constructed next to the lake. When staying at Zuluk, you are sure to catch sightings of wild dogs,  deer, Himalayan bears, and the Red Panda.

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