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Gangtok enjoys the prominence of being the largest town and state capital of Sikkim. Located in the Shivalik Hills of eastern Himalayan Ranges, Gangtok is 1437 mt high. East Sikkim is the entry zonal point for reaching Gangtok and North Sikkim. Rangpo at Sikkim is the entranceway where permits are scrutinized and verified allowing a person to enter the state. Gangtok is not as remote as it may be suggested. It is linked to Indian National Highway on 31A and well-tied with rail, air and roadways to other parts in India. Travelers’ will have to cross West Bengal and parts while making way to Gangtok. The locales, valleys and entire scenic sights are the USP of your journey. Lay your hands on the utmost useful information that talks of ways and means of reaching Gangtok below. 

Distance from Gangtok to other locations

Darjeeling       94 km
Kalimpong       80 km
Siliguri               110 km
Pelling               125 km
Nathula                56 km
Rumtek                25 km
Kolkata                720 km

How to Reach Gangtok by Airways: Bagdogra Airport (Siliguri) in West Bengal is the nearest and common air link that does the traffic to Gangtok ? The State Capital of Sikkim 

How to Reach Gangtok by Railways: Gangtok’s nearest railhead is at New Jalpaiguri or NJP (124 km from Gangtok), the railway Junction attached to the West Bengal town of Siliguri

How to Reach Gangtok by Roads: National Highway 31A, the lifeline of Gangtok (Sikkim), connects the state through other vital destinations in the nearby the state

Driving Directions:

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. Nestled in East Sikkim, the weather in Gangtok remains pleasant throughout the year. Well famed for its monasteries and the bustling wildlife, the travelers will find this destination more interesting. While on a tour to Gangtok, the travelers can also make a visit to Do Drul Chorten, Enchey Monastery, Ganesh Tok, Rumtek Monastery and Tashiding Monastery. Gangtok also has various getaways options which includes Darjeeling (94 km), Dzongri, Kalimpong (80 km), Nathula (56 km), Pelling (125 km), Ravangla, Siliguri (110 km), Yuksom, and Yumthang. The nearest aerodrome to Gangtok is Bagdogra airport near to Silguri. This airport is 120 Kms away from Gangtok and can easily be reached by a boarding bus or taxi. The NH 31 A provides the best connectivity with other Eastern states of the region.The New Jalpaiguri is the nearest rail head which is 148 Kms away from Gangtok. Guwahati Express, Purvotr express and Guwahati special express are three trains which provides its services on all days.
There are many festivals celebrated in Sikkim round the year but few important are listed below: 

Saga Dawa: A Buddhist festival, Saga Dawa is held on the full moon of the fourth month of the Buddhist Calendar at the end of May or early June. A colorful procession of holy books of the teaching of Buddha from Tsuklakhang monastery is carried on this day. 

Drupka Teshi: A festival that falls on the fourth day of the sixth Tibetian month, it is celebrated to mark the honor of Buddha’s first teaching of Nobel Truths 

Losoong: Losoong falls in the month of December (middle to end) and ushers in a brand new year to see for everyone’s celebration. This day is also special to farmers who celebrate it as a harvest festival offering their crops to the gods. It is celebrated with chaam dancing.

Pang Labsol: The festival in commemorations of Sikkim’s resident deity Mt Khang-chen-dzonga, it also traditionally marks The Bhutia-Lepcha brotherhood. Warrior Dance is very much part of this celebration. 

Lhahab Dhuenchen: It marks the descent of the Buddha from the heaven of the thirty-three gods where he went to pay the homage of his dead mother. 

Bhumchu: Bhumchu is a unique festival to Lepchas that predicts the year to come. A pot is filled with water and hanged in the open air with the help of a rope. If the water level remains to the brim it brings bad luck and if recedes to a lower level it predicts of prosperity. 

Flower Festival: An emblazoned display of Orchids and Rhododendrons are put on display during the month of March and April. 

Maghe Sankranti: It corresponds to the Indian Festival of Makara Sankranti and is marked by people bathing in holy rivers. 

Dasain: This is the Nepali version of the nine-day long Durga Pooja. Prayers are chanted to invoke the goddess Durga.

Gangtok, the lofty hills of North Eastern province of India, is untouched and undefiled piece of awe-inspiring land readied with icy-pinnacles, chromatic gompas and stupas, saffron-clad monks, overlooking Kanchenjunga on the other side et al. With natural pristine maintained and glimpsed everywhere you take your eyes, Gangtok appears a town lifted out of painter’s imagination. Friendly streets amidst brightly pagoda roofed house, lines of young and old lamas robed in saffron and ochre colors, Orchids and Daily Lilacs in their full bloom conditions Gangtok for a weary heart to give some relief. 

Do Drul Chorten: The stupa is a living example of ‘Mandala’ sects of Dorjee Phurba and Ka-your religious principles.

Ganesh Tok: a Lord Ganesha Temple that allows one entry at a time and one might have to crawl on feet to get.

Hanuman Tok: A Lord Hanuman Shrine, Hanuman Tok is a functioning Hindu Temple where pilgrims and devotees.

Tsuklakhang Monastery: The grand and imposing entrance of the Palace smoothes the absolute facade while.

White Hall: A British architecture by built, the White Hall is a living inanimate ode to the Brit officer, J. Claude White.

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology: The Institute is home to more than 30,000 documents, most of which are Xylographs.

Himalayan Zoological Park: Lovely, dark, deep and wooded locales qualify Himalayan Zoological Park

Enchey Monastery: Inner monastery quarters are decked with images of gods, goddesses and other religious. 

Directorate of Handicrafts: Conceptualised and constituted with the purpose of encouraging and advertising.

Nearby Places / Excursion

Rumtek Monastery: The road from Gangtok twists through green paddy terraces for 24 km before reaching this seat.

Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary: A National Park of India, it is located in East Sikkim and acquires 31 sq km of the area 

Fambong La Wildlife: It is interspersed with plenteous of fauna species, often found in their natural disposition.

Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical: Dense sylvan surroundings of Oak forests and almost 50 varieties of tree species

Tashi View Point: a place from where a mighty mountain of Kangchenjunga and Mt Siniolchu can be seen. On sunny  

Saramasa Garden: Alongside the Orchids and other flowers, the garden treasure fruits pineapple, guava, varieties.

Tum log: As soon as one enters the area ruins of Tumlong Palace start showing it moss-and-mist gathered enormity... Read More

Kiomoi Must Dos:
1-The zig-zag turns, steep ridges and rugged mountains invite your guts! Nothing is as adventurous as mountain biking in Gangtok.
2-Teesta and the Rangeet offer good stretch for White Water Rafting rapids.
3-The stout-hearted can take a thrilling ride down Sikkim’s many rivers in fiberglass kayaks.
4-Chang, a local brew of Sikkim tastes wonderful and leaves a lurking heart.
5-Deorali Orchid Sanctuary, Gangtok, is home to myriads of Orchids, swaying in elegance to mesmerize the onlookers.
6-An air of enchantment hangs in the monasteries of Sikkim. Peekaboo in unique way of life of Lamas.
7-Be a part of Chaam dance where every on is masked and celebrates good over evil.
8-Shop for Thangkas, chotksee, woolens, local handicraft from the markets.
9-Snowfalls are a common phenomenon through all months of the year. Enjoy it exclusively.
10- Visit Tsomgo Lake to see the real awe of nature.
State: Sikkim | State Day: 16th May
Location: Eastern Himalayas, Sikkim, Northeast
Famous for: Hills, Kanchenjunga, Orchids and Rhododendrons
Altitude: 1,670mt
STD Code: 03592
Area: 2500 Hectare 

Best time to visit: March to May end; October to December

Kiomoi TIP: Festival times such as Flower Shows and others are also the best time to visit Gangtok.

Clothing: Light/heavy woollens in summer/ winter

Local Languages: Sikkimese, Nepalese, Lepcha, Limboo, Bhutia, English and Hindi

Weather & Temperature

Summer: Max: 21&°C Min 13°C | Winter: Max: 13°C Min: 5°C

Gangtok, a north-eastern state-capital of India, boasts of balmy weather, with a certain degree of perennial chill throughout the year. Alongside being projected as a cold-weather state, Gangtok`s weather conditions can be broadly categorized as clement. Five season weather wraps up Sikkim with snow, shower, chill, moderate and frigid climatic conditions at different time of the month. Summer, winter, monsoon, autumn and spring seasons exhibit variations in temperature during accordingly. However, the average annual temperature is recorded as 18°C approximately during the year. Snowline is 6000 mts. Broadly, the weather remains bracing cool through and through the year.

Winters starts in the month of November and lasts till March and April. Temperatures see a sudden fall with mist laden through the valley. Chilling cold accompany the weather in its all months. Summers are a relief from toe-numbing chill, but the weather remains cool over all. Gangtok registers an average of 389 cm per annum and is known to receive highest rainfall in the region. Most of the Sikkim does not experiences high velocity winds, but on many tops and passes experiences high speed winds. March to May registers a sunny weather. Even through these months the weather keeps humid and wintry. In the valley, springs come early by late February or starting March lasting till May. The mountains views tend to get robed by haze and mists as the day slips into hot months and monsoon is seen on the way.

Monsoon holds out from late June to early September. During Monsoon, landslides are a common phenomenon in certain areas. From a cold weather conditions, the climatic conditions turn to humid and sultry. Autumn stays as long as two months for September to October, soothing the temperature for tourists to drop in. The whole of Sikkim has a leverage of perennial (with variations) snowfall throughout the year. With monsoon comes the threat of slides, roadblocks and leeches! Rains clear the atmosphere and views of mountains are clearly seen. Days are clear and nights are crisp and cold.
Sikkim offers a blend of good Nepalese, Bhutanese, Chinese, and some Indian cuisines to englut on. Sikkimese food is delicious but is essentially a variation on a single theme Momo. You can feast yourselves with these little dumplings steamed or fried; stuffed with pork, chicken, vegetable or even yak cheese. Any which way, they are finger-licking good. Also, try and get the taste of local delicacies Cheste-Dense, a kind of pasta fried in Yak butter, with mushroom and shredded chicken flaked in. Another side of Sikkim’s restaurant is branded Liquor. Good and quality brands of Liquor, which can also be procured at cheap rates, are very much a part of Gangtok’s hotels. Mostly, all budget hotels have arrangements of inexpensive cafes and restaurants serving standard Chinese/Tibetian dishes, Western breakfasts and Indian cuisines. Well, to a great surprise for vegetarians can visit Parivar Restaurant and Thali. Next to Enchey Gompa, Tourist Amenity is the right address to feats out momos (dumplings) for a giveaway Rs 12, inclusive of a soup.

Sikkim offers a blend of good Nepalese, Bhutanese, Chinese and some Indian cuisines to englut on. Sikkimese food is delicious but is essentially a variation on a single theme Momo. You can feast yourselves with these little dumplings steamed or fried; stuffed with pork, chicken, vegetable, or even yak cheese. Any which way, they are finger-licking good. Also, try and get the taste of local delicacies Cheste-Dense, a kind of pasta fried in Yak butter, with mushroom and shredded chicken flaked in. Another side of Sikkim’s restaurant is branded Liquor. Good and quality brands of Liquor, which can also be procured at cheap rates, are very much a part of Gangtok’s hotels. Mostly, all budget hotels have arrangements of inexpensive cafes and restaurants serving standard Chinese/Tibetian dishes, Western breakfasts, and Indian cuisines. Well, to a great surprise for vegetarians can visit Parivar Restaurant and Thali. Next to Enchey Gompa, Tourist Amenity is the right address to feats out momos (dumplings) for a giveaway of Rs 12, inclusive of a soup. 

Some Famous hangout / Dine Out Options: 
The Square, Paljor Stadium Road
Buzz (Glenary`s), New Market
Dragon Restaurant, Green Hotel, M.G.Marg
Fusion Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Convoy Ground
Blue Poppy/ Dragon Hall, Hotel Tashi Delek
House of Bamboo, M.G.Marg
Eden Park, Hotel Park Residency China Palate, New Market 
Hotel Sher-e-Punjab, 31A National Highway 
Krishna Restaurant 
The Roll House · Quick Bite 
Metro`s Fast Food, 31A National Highway
Oberoi`s Barbeque, New Market
Moti Mahal, New Market 
The Blue Sheep Restaurant, M.G.Marg 
Parivar Restaurant, M.G.Marg 
Wild Orchid Restaurant, Hotel Central, 31A National Highway 
Cafe Tibet 
Crispy Cuisines
Crystal Room
Ganesh Bhojanalaya
Glenery, Metro Point
Wild Orchid, NH31A
Unique , NH 31A
Replete with the narrowly-split labyrinth of markets or bazaars against the snow-laden valleys, Gangtok market appears even more comely on sunny days. A not very much shopaholic’s cup of tea, Gangtok has in treasure a lot for people who come to the city. The three main markets: Old, New and Lal Markets comprise the vital shopping zones in Gangtok. In the bazaars can be seen rows of shops/ kiosks/ stalls embellished with tidy hangings of curios, handicrafts, gifts and woollen items on display. Traditional items such as Thangkas (religious scrolls), Choktsee and prayer wheels are some of the very local products that can be bought from the Gangtok at a bargained price. As you walk along the ridge and upmarket areas Tibetian carpets, jewellery and spices are hanged beautifully and lined on exhibit and sale. Carpets and exotic designed rugs as well as jewellery with rustic and local designs are very famous and have kept with travellers pick for a long time. Like Gangtok, Gangtok’s Tea has successfully attracted tourists/traveller’s attention and bucks. A favourite purchase item, tea comes in many flavours and qualities here and thus a token of Gangtok visit.  

What to shop at Gangtok? 

Canvas and wall hangings: Pièce de résistance artefactual, the canvass and wall-hangings are enticing items. These paintings are flawless depictions of Sikkim’s history, tribal profiles, eight lucky, dragons, religious processions etc.  

Choksees: A small wooden table those are collapsible and easily carried.  

Tibetian Woollen Carpets: These are quite expensive yet so beautiful items. Intricate designs and patterns reflecting the art and culture of this state, Carpets are exclusive take-home items in Gangtok. 

Dragon Sets: An exquisitely carved Dragon Sets are inlaid with gold, silver and precious sets. These consists of finely designed dragons on ear-rings, pendants, etc.  

Sikkim Tea: Thigh Quality tea is mainly grown on Temi Tea Estates. The tea is characterized by its exotic tastes and flavour and costs Rs 200/- a kg. It sells by the brand name of ‘Saluja’ and ‘Kangchendzonga’ and is a good idea to carry a few packets back home.  

Cardamom (Elaichi): Cardamoms grow in abundance in Sikkim and costs about Rs 250/- a kg.  

Don’t Forget to Buy 

Temi Tea; Sikkim Liquor; Gingerina; Alpine Cheese; Dansberg Beer; SITCO Watches; Handmade Paper; Handicraft; Black Cardamom; Thankas; Carpets; Choksee; Passion fruit Juice; Orchids (hybrid); Jams and preserves; Chilli Pickle; Fresh Bamboo Shoots; Glass beads; Semi-precious stones; Handwoven Jackets and Silver Jewellery. Make a visit to M G Road in Gangtok to check out anything you want. Weekly market on Sundays at Lal market with a large display of items is a grab-anything offer. If hunting for best and intricate designs, Directorate of Handloom $ Handicrafts has a huge collection of these. buy out options are below

Charitrust Tibetian Emporium, PS Road
Curio Craft Gallery, PS Road
Gift Shop, M S Marg
Kandoika, New Market
KC Somani and Sons, Mandala Gift Centre
Sikkim Art Emporium, NH 31A
Sikkim Sarda & Co, M G Marg
Snow White, M G Marg
State Handicrafts & Showroom,Zero Point

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There's no specific shopping mall in and around gangtok as it is yet to develop fully but you will find a very good shopping experience in lal market gangtok.

Good restaurants in gangtok are parivar, mg marg gagntok, rosoi at mg marg gangtok, masala at mg marg gangtok.

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