Dirang India
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October - June
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Guwahati (190 Km)
Major Airports
Guwahati (190 Km)
17.36 ° C
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Dirang is very close to Tibet in the north and Bhutan in the West. Like much of West Kameng, Dirang is a mountainous region and is situated in a valley of the mighty Himalayas between the towns of Bomdilla and Tawang. It has a mild, cool, temperate climate, lightly breezy, and wonderfully comfortable throughout the year. There is snowfall in the region between November and February. Dirang is best known for its hot water springs and kiwi orchards.
If you can connect to the Tezpur airport, it is only about 85 km away from Dirang. An alternative would be to fly into Guwahati, which is well-connected to all the major cities in the country. Dirang is a good drive from Bomdila, around 41 km away. You can hire a cab or get into a state transport bus.
The people here mostly belong to the Monpa tribe who follow patriarchal norms, and permit polygamy. They have Tibeto-Mongoloid origins and are considered to be friendly and easy-going. They follow Buddhism but continue with tribal customs like animal sacrificing during their important festivals.

The people make their living by growing crops, mostly shifting agriculture. They grow one type of crops like barley, rice, or maize for a few seasons in one area. Then the area is cleared of all vegetation, and the area is abandoned for a few years until the soil's fertility is restored
The Monpas are also good at wood-carving, weaving,  and traditional Buddhist thangka paintings on silk, a tribute to their Tibetan origins.

Some of the traditional dishes you can savour in this area are:

Monpa style chicken curry cooked with soya bean and local cheese served with rice.
Phenang Khongba, a favourite cooked in large quantities, is made from maize and beans and is cooked for over six hours until it is creamy and delicious.
Fish in a thin gravy with leafy vegetables eaten with generously buttered rice.
Arak, home-brewed alcohol made of rice. It is a taste that needs getting used to.
Bangchong: a sour alcoholic beverage with fermented rice, kiwi, and maize. Some people can get a serious hangover with this one.
Butter tea, considered a sacred drink and served to honour guests, is concentrated black tea churned with butter, milk, and salt. 

Dirang is an exciting place to discover on foot. Going on long walks armed with a camera is one of the best ways to spend an entire morning. There are panoramic views, old houses, and little Buddhist shrines to take in. Some local villagers may invite you home for a hot cup of butter tea if you are lucky.
The Khastung Gompa, set high above the village, is a 500-year-old monastery and the oldest one in Arunachal Pradesh. The structure has a bright-white stone façade with intricate artwork on its ceilings that has been preserved very well. The views from this point are breathtaking.
In the heart of Dirang is the Dirang Dzong, an ancient fort that was built to protect people from enemy tribes.

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