Dawki India
Best Session
October - June
Ideal Duration
Guwahati (160 Km)
Major Airports
Shillong (75 Km)
27.71 ° C
Weather Type


Dawki is a great vantage point for spectacular views of the verdant Meghalayan Landscape. The beauty of the Khasi and Jhanita Hills can be admired here. The town itself is quite remote, but because it is part of the trade route between India and Bangladesh, there are well-built approach roads that go through deep gorges and ravines.
The highlight of this area is the mesmerizing blue waters of the Umngot river. It is considered one of the cleanest rivers in Asia. The water is crystal clear, and one can view the depths right up to the riverbed. A magnificent bridge is suspended over the Umngot river, built by the British in 1931. This bridge continues to be an access route between Bangladesh and India.
The air in this area feels fresh and clean throughout the day and night, something very noticeable to city-dwellers from India’s pollution-laden metros. Temperatures in this area hover between 15 and 25 degrees Centigrade
To get to Dawki, you have first to reach Guwahati or Shillong. The latter is around 80 km away, and there are plenty of shared taxi options. For the more adventurous, a motorcycle ride from Guwahati to Dawki is considered one of the top scenic rides in the country. Train and flight connectivity is only at Guwahati. Guwahati railway station to your destination is 170 km away and could take around five hours to complete.
The people in Dawki belong to one of the three major ethnic groups: Khasis, Jaintia, and Gharo. The Khasis have Mon-Khmer ancestry that traces their origins from South East Asia. Many modern Khasis are Christians. The Jantias are considered a sub-tribe of the Khasis, but they have a distinct culture and traditions and follow a religion called Niamtre, believing that their faith is a direct decree from God. People from the Gharo tribe have Tibetan-Burmese roots and makeup about a third of the population in Dawki.
Khasi food, rich in meat, fish, local vegetables, fermented soybeans, spices, and red rice, is easily available. Cooking is remarkably simple, sometimes without any oil, and the food is prepared fresh. A special fermented rice beer mostly served during festivals is Kiad. It is brown and golden and flavoured with local fruits. Besides rice and pork, the people eat kwai all the time. It is a variety of betel nut, and if you are offered one, it is a gesture of friendship. On noticeably quiet days, like Sundays, vegetarian tourists may find it difficult to get non-meat-based foods. However, there are fruits available in plenty, especially the famous sweet oranges
People travel to Dawki for the amazing views, pristine landscapes, and fresh air. To experience the Umnagot River is a good enough reason to make the journey to this little town. You can go on long walks and listen to the stillness of nature and the call of the birds.
The fascinating root bridges that are found along the wetlands of Meghalaya are not to be missed. These man-made bridges are created by growing the rubber "ficus" tree roots until they reach the other side of the river to form a strong walkway.
Boating on the Umnagot River is an ethereal experience. Evenings are the best time to take the ride so that you can camp on the riverside for a night. You can also go on a kayaking trip down the river. There are specialist adventure sports companies that can organize snorkeling and scuba diving also.

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