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Daporijo, 327 km from the capital city of Itanagar, is by the banks of the River Subansiri. It is 600m above sea level and generally has a mild climate. The monsoons can be severe, and it is better not to visit this place between July to October. It is a sparsely populated area with around 16000 people.
You can take in panoramic views of the River Subansiri against the backdrop of the mountains. There are paddy fields, bamboo groves, and rainforests. Like other towns in the Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, Daporijo is also an outstanding natural beauty.
Dibrugarh in Assam is 87 km away and has the closest airport and railway station to Daporijo. Another railway station is Silapathar train station in Assam that is 200 km away.  Good roads connect the town to Itanagar via Ziro, and Lilabari via Bazzar. There are government buses, taxis, and private buses plying this route.

Most of the people here are from the Tagin tribe, a subgroup of the larger Tani tribe. They seem to have Tibetan origins since members of the Tagin tribe are found in some parts of Tibet also. The Tags are a friendly people, known for their warmth and hospitality. Their settlements are normally built on the hills, on the slopes, and in the shadows, and it helps them receive natural protection from the elements. Traditionally they are nature worshippers and follow a religious practice called Donyi-Poloism. However, many of them are Christians today due to the influence of the British Christian missionaries. The younger generations of Tags are "Westernized" in their values and lifestyle. Tags are one of the most literate tribes with a 63% literacy rate among the people.
A typical Tagin house is built on stilts 4-6 metres above the ground. It is windowless, with two doors. The walls and floor are made entirely of bamboo; the roof is made of palm leaves or the leaves of wild banana trees.
You can get simple food made of rice, maize, or millets. They are cooked with fresh vegetables from the home garden like potatoes, pumpkin, ginger, onions, mustard leaves, and bamboo shoots. Dried fish and meat are also added. The food you will be served in Daporijo is flavourful, filling, and wholesome.
The Meghna Cave Temples are an intriguing attraction. You will need to climb a long stairway for about ten minutes to see this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva (called Lakulisha locally). It is dated to around five thousand years ago. The views from here are magnificent, as are the carvings on the temple walls.
Besides wandering around and enjoying the natural beauty of this little town, you can walk down to the River Subansiri and do a spot of river rafting. The Subanasri "Gold River" is a beautiful winding river that flows from Tibet through Assam and  Arunachal Pradesh before joining the Brahmaputra.

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