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Bomdila is set in the Eastern Himalayan ranges at the height of 2415 meters above sea level.  It is close to Bhutan and Tibet (People's Republic of China). It is the transit point for people intending to travel to see the Tawang Monastery.

The weather can be described as Alpine. Cold and cloudy in the winter months and cool and clear in the summers. The monsoon season is between July and September, and it gets very wet with frequent showers. The temperature in Bomdila ranges between 27 deg. F to 66 deg. F. The beautiful climate in this region makes it perfect for apple growing. There are many delightful apple orchards around this place
Located at 150kms away from Tezpur, Bomdilla can be reached by taxi. There are manyprivate and shared cab options available from central Tezpur, Assam. Tezpur airport is well- connected to Kolkata and Guwahati. You may choose to take a train from Guwahati to Rangapura North Railway station, and take a taxi from there to Bomdila, approximately 150 km away
Bomdila is a town that is highly influenced by Tibetan culture. The people are spiritual and practice Buddhism and Hinduism. The main tribes here are Monpa, Miji, Aka, and Kiowa. 

The Monpa tribal are cultivators and hunters. They grow paddy, maize, wheat, and buckwheat. They use many meat, fish, maize, soya beans, barley, homemade cheese, and local vegetables in their food. Many of the dishes are simple to prepare but are slow-cooked for several hours. The clothes they wear are bright and colorful, roughly woven, and perfect for the cool weather. The men's caps are decorated with tassels and lace. 

The Miji tribe is much smaller in number, and they are thought to have Burmese roots, although there are no records of their origins. The women are considered to be very elegant and dance beautifully.

The facial tattoos characterize the Aka tribe on the faces of the women. The tattooing is done on young girls before they reach puberty. It is done as a straight line from below the forehead to the chin. 

In Bomdila, you can get a variety of tasty and nutritious food with many different influences. The roadside eateries are the best place to get a hearty Thukpa, a one-dish noodle soup with vegetables and meat. You can also get freshly steamed dumplings stuffed with cabbage, pork, or chicken
The major attraction is in the center of Bomdila, the imposing Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Ling monastery, built-in 1965. The monastery is thought to be a particularly good replica of the Tsona Gontse Monastery in Tibet. It was renovated a few years later, and a huge prayer hall and Buddhist temple were added. The grounds are well-maintained, and there are Tibetan Buddhist symbols everywhere. The sound of chanting lamas emanating from the monastery while you view the majestic height of the Himalayas is a mesmerizing spiritual experience.
Nature lovers will be thrilled by the Tipi Orchard Research Centre, a huge collection of orchid varieties. The orchid glasshouse, tissue culture lab, and the displays of orchids in hanging baskets and pots make a perfect setting for this exotic species of flowers.
The other attraction in this place is the many apple orchards. The winter is the best time to see the fruit-laden trees and smell the crisp aromas of ripening apples. 
If you are a bird lover, the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit if you are in this area. A protected area at the foothills of the Himalayas, it is amongst India's best bird-watching spots, with more than 450 species of birds and more being added every year. The Bugun Liocichla is a bird species exclusive to this region and is considered an endangered bird.

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