Bhalukpong India
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October - June
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Tezpur, Guwahati
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Bhalukpong is a tiny settlement within the Eastern Himalayan range, 213 meters above sea level. It is on the banks of the icy Kameng river, which originates from a glacial lake just below the Gori Chen mountains. This river is 264 km long and is a major tributary of the River Brahmaputra. It is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in India
The best way to reach Bhalukpong is to fly into the Tezpur airport, known locally as Salonibari airport. It is around 50 km from the main Bhalupong settlement area.
The most recommended way of getting here would be to drive through the NH 52. Bhaukpong is usually the first stop on the way to Tamang. The highway is busy, but there are awe-inspiring scenes along the way.
The people in this region are known to have Tibetan and Burmese roots. They are indigenous people and are classified as Scheduled Tribes in India. They are normally subsistence farmers who also fish, forage and hunt for food,
The food is immensely influenced by Tibetan culture. Some of the more popular items of the local cuisine are:
Zanba: A staple of the Tibetan people, Zanba is a dough made of roasted barley flour, water, and yak butter. It is normally mixed with salty Tibetan butter tea. Alternatively, you can eat it with vegetables, meat, or a piece of local cheese.

Khura: Khura is a traditional Arunachal breakfast of Buckwheat pancakes. It is traditionally fermented using Chang, an alcoholic drink brewed from rice or finger millets. It has an earthy, intense flavor, which takes a little getting used to. Khura is eaten with seasonal vegetables and Tibetan butter tea.
Himalayan momos: Steamed dumplings with a filling of pork and vegetables. This ubiquitous dish is a favorite of people from North India.

Thukpa: A hearty noodle soup made traditionally of buckwheat noodles and yak meat, it is modified to suit the palate of tourists with either chicken or mutton, garlic, and vegetables. This soup is filling, comforting and perfect for the chilly Himalayan weather.

Hiking and nature walk along the beautiful River Khameng is what you should do. The mountain views are wondrous. You can have a picnic along the banks, do a spot of fishing and angling. It is a popular spot to fish the mighty Mahseer. You can also go river rafting or kayaking.

For the spiritually inclined, the town of Bhalukpong is dotted with Buddhist temples and monasteries.  If you like a bit of history, the ruins of the Bhalukpong Fort could entice you. It is considered to have been built in the 10th century by King Bhalukpa. Very little is known about the ancient rulers of this region.

Another nearby attraction is the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, with its lush forests that are lowland and evergreen. A declared tiger reserve, it is home to tigers, leopards, and the dark grey-furred, reclusive clouded leopards. It is easy to spot elephants and the Indian bison in the area. More than 300 species of flowers and several varieties of orchids grow abundantly in this sanctuary. 

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