Alleppey Travel Guide

State Kerala

Alleppey Travel Guide

Alleppey - The Venice of East

Alleppey/Alappuzha is infixed between Arabian Sea and Punammada Lake and laid out with non-linear elongation of backwater criss-crossing the town in a beautiful accentuation. Appliqued out with rustic charm of yesteryear’s business quarter, today, Alappuzha has given into natural quotient of glistening sands, palm-fringed canals, hippies and gang of kolhed-eye ladies wearing gajra and frolicking on the sand many more. And glances n glimpse of country side, dockyards, lagoon and canals, superposed with algae and weeds, filled with boats carrying goods is elemental to Alleppey. This is what makes Alleppey a most identifiable and emblematic city of Kerala. Sea, being the unceasing motif, remains the enamouring measure to beach-rooters. Alappuzha is the hosting home of the Water Carnivals like Nehru Trophy Boat Race, held annually in the town. The share of Alleppey pilgrimages and temples hallow the town with a place of religious veneration. The city can be best described as a town rising out of water to get immortalized in the minds of traveller. If you desire to see all these attractive things and spend some time with different culture, you must be visit to alleppey with Kerala Tour Packages.

Alleppey City Guide - Attractions, Adventure & Accommodation

Backwaters, Houseboats, Attractions, have been compacted in Alleppey Travel Guide. The A -Z guide on Alappuzha gets you going. Powered by sections on How to Reach, Local Holidays, Pre-holiday checklist and weather conditions in city, the guide is standalone informative site touched up with useful numbers to help out in tourist in every possible way. The guide also provides the good information about accommodations and Hotels in Alleppey for the travellers.

Alleppey Travel Guide is your first step to Alleppey Holidays!!!

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