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Saputara: The Home of Herbal Healing

Aside the ever enchanting ghats, waterfalls and thick bed of green, Saputara nurtures a clandestine characteristic, little known to the world! As a thriving belt of natural treasures and greens, Saputara’s secret dwells in the art of herbal healing and wellness, proficiently known to the local founders of the art referred as Bhagats. Herbal healing is a century-old science of healing and amelioration through the usage of nature therapy that is free of toxins and chemicals. This sui generis wellness phenomenon functions on the lines of Naturopathy and Ayurveda where the treatment is guaranteed free of side effects and malaise. For the local healers the kind-of-healing is a cashable knack for livelihood and a matter of pride for the keepers of the tradition. Those who have benefitted stand to this time testing style of healing and vouch for its incurring effects.

Modus Operandi

Herbal healing involves the age old herbal therapies referred as Bhumkas and Patalkot similar to that of therapeutic Ayurvedic massages and baths. Unlike the Allopathic diagnosis that constitutes a range of routine to special tests, the herbal healing diagnosis is done through nadi parikshan (pulse examination) at the wrist, heart, the base of the throat and the lower brain portion of the circle. Nadi Parikshan is the primary stage of the diagnosis on which basis the medication is prescribed. A famous Bhagat, Mangoobhai (59) confirms that the medicines are a mixture of several herbs which when consumed induces therapeutic effects on body’s metabolism. In the words of Mangubhai every body has its own set of ailments and health requisites and the herbal medicines are prescribed according to that. The Dangs hills are the major source of medicines having more than 400 species of herb packed with medicinal qualities and potential to cure disease or organ malfunction. Nevertheless, the herbal healing medication incorporates herbal baths, massages, special body treatments et al. Some massages even require sitting in a wooden box for a stipulated period to yield effective result such as weight loss and procure gastrointestinal functions.

The Bhagats

The herbal healers or the herb masters of the Dangs are called as Bhagats, who are actually the tribal populace of Saputara. The Herbal medicos, or the Bhagats, have sound knowledge of the herbs and their usage found in the region, and thus, better called as moving encyclopaedias of herbal healing! The knowledge and didactic of herbal healing are imparted generation after generation to the successors of the Bhagats. Over the years, the Bhagats have proved their mastery in the subject of healing chronic ailments suchlike bronchitis, gastric, paralysis, infertility, ulcers, arthritis and so on. However, the treatment and diagnosis in herbal healing depend upon the pulse analysis and are without any routine tests and physical examinations that implicate examining the blood and urine samples. Ask any local dweller of Saputara and there would come miraculous stories of Bhagat’s cure for Paralysis and other deadly diseases that still pose a challenge to the system of medicine. Acclamations of the Bhagats are just limited to Saputara and spawn to far and wide places like Nasik, Ahmedabad et al. Today, these Bhagats and their providential therapy of ailments have reached to the ears of people and government, thus, a sanction of Rs One lac for developing the infrastructural facilities have been granted by the government. A recent Wall Street publication of on alternative medicines evidences the efficacy of the herbal healing and its world wide acclaim. Most of the Bhagats converse in Dangis, the local language of the Saputara, and lack formal education without any professional and college degrees!


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Updated on March 2009