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Ten Most Underrated Beaches of India

Kiomoi, 10 Best Series LogoTarkali Beach: Tarkali Beach is located just at the Maharashtra - Goa border 6 kms from Malavan. The beach here is a narrow stretch but with pristine waters, which makes visible the sea bed upto 10 feet. The best part is that still today the beach is not abuzz with tourist activities seen in other beaches offering water sports activities.


Malpe Beach

Forget Goa and Kerala just 6 kilometers from Udupi in Karnataka lies a totally different worl. Malpe beach, though not exactly quiet as locals and tourists hit this beach regularly. Be it the silent morning walks along the moist sands or the carnival like atmosphere in the evenings Malpe would charm you in many ways.

Marvanthe Beach

Again in Karnataka, Marvanthe Beach is near about 40 km from Udupi. Notwithstanding the large number of boulders placed to stop erosion, this beach is genuinely more beautiful than either Malpe or Kaup. Here you will encounter one of the rarest natural beauties, that of a road in between a river and a sea. The scenic National Highway 17 runs in between the Arabian sea and the Souparnika River.

Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam Beach just 2 km from Kannur town in northern Kerala is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala, but not much of it is known outside local circles. At the entrance you will find a garden with a massive sculpture of a mother and child. A walk along the shore to a more secluded spot can be the perfect setting for watching the sunset in the evenings.

Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhapilangad Beach located 8 km from the Thalassery(Tellicherry) town in Kannur district is one of the longest beaches in Kerala. The 4 km long beach is the only drive-in beach of the state. So you actually can have an awe-inspiring drive right upto Kannur from here. Huge black rocks, palm grooves add to the beauty of the place. Shallow waters here makes it perfect for swimming too.

Bekal Fort Beach

Recall Mani Ratnam`s Bombay yes that magnificent rain drenched fort and the surrounding beach in the song "Tu Hi Re" was at Bekal 14 kilometers from Kasargod. To one side of the fort lies the shallow beach with silvery sands. A beautiful walkway, rock garden and a Children`s park surrounding the beach have made the place attractive to the tourists.

Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda or alternatively Rishikonda Beach is located 8 kms away from Vishakhapatnam. This golden beach away from the cacophony is just right for taking peaceful strolls. Pony rides are available in the morning and evenings. Right in the beach itself is the Sapta Rusheswara Temple built in 14th century AD.

Mandarmani Beach

Clear blue waters, fishing boats doting the horizon and more importantly few tourists that`s what sums up Mandarmani, a quiet vrigin Beach near Digha in West Bengal. This recent discovery is 180 km from Kolkata and perfect for a no funfare and no frills holiday. A major attraction of Mandarmani Beach is a 13 km long motorable stretch and delicious seafood at reasonable prices.

Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach on the Orissan coast offers a one of its kind experience. In this rare phenomena the water during the low tide recedes as back as 5 km. There is no sight of the sea except for the sound. While during the high tide there is almost waist deep water till the shore. This coupled with the bewitching sight of sunrise and sunset makes for a memorable visit.

Tranquebar Beach

Tranquebar Beach aka Tharangam Padi Beach on the Tamil Nadu Coast is 296 kms from Chennai on the east coast road. Not many know that the clean Tranquebar beach has been given recognition as a " Ozone Rich Beach ". Once a Danish bastion the vast beach still contains enough landamrks to testify to this fact. A Danish fort now converted to museum, ruinous temples and a beautiful heritage hotel (Bungalow on the Beach) are the attractions of Tranquebar Beach.