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Ten Best Waterfalls in India

Kiomoi, 10 Best Series LogoHogenakkal Waterfalls, Krishnagiri: Hogenakkal Waterfalls is situated in Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu, in close proximity to the Karnataka border. The sound and sight of the roaring Cauvery, dashing against the rocks as it enters the plains is a spectacular sight. A boat ride through the turbulent waters is the USP of the place.


Jog Falls, Shimoga

Jog Falls the highest waterfalls in India is located in the Shimoga district of Karntaka. River Sharavathi after flowing over a rocky bed takes a leap from an 800 feet high steep cliff in four separate streams. The thunder of this awe inspiring sight can be heard from quite a distance away. The best time to visit Jog Falls is just after the monsoons.

Courtallam Waterfalls, Tirunelveli

Courtallam waterfalls are located in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. Known as the spa of south, Kutralam or Courtallam Falls are part of the Western Ghats and the water of these falls is supposed to have curative powers. There are total of 9 falls in Courtallam.

Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Yelagiri

Jalagamparai water falls is located in the Yelagiri hills of the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. The waterfall flowing down from a height of 15 meters is on the river Attaru. The falls can be reached after a trek of 6 km from Nilavoor. Best after full feed of monson rains.

Dudh Sagar Waterfalls, Sanguem, Goa

Dudh Sagar waterfalls is situated in Sanguem taluka of Goa. It is just 60 km from Panaji. Perched on the Western Ghats, the 310 meters high Dudh Sagar waterfalls looks like Milky streams gushing out from the rocks. It offers unparalleled beauty when in full flow.

Athirappilly Falls, Thrissur

Athirappilly Falls is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, at the entrance to the majestic Sholayur ranges. During monsoon the place is a sight to behold as the Athirappilly falls turns into a blur of spray. A popular picnic spot, it joins the Chalakkudy River after plummeting from a height of 80 feet.

Iruppu Falls, Coorg

Iruppu Falls is 14 km from Nagarhole National Park in the Coorg district of Karntaka. Irpu or Iruppu Falls is located on outskirts of the Brahmagiri hill range and acts as the gateway to the range. The falls formed by Lakshmana theertha, a tributary of Cauvery looks majestic as it jumps down from a height of 170 ft.

Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur

Just 23 km from Jabalpur, the Dhuandhar falls (smoke cascade) where an angry Narmada river plunges through a narrow rock with a powerful roar. It is a spectacular sight awaiting visitors. The thunderous sound is audible from a long distance away. From the Dhuandhar Falls, the Narmada flows into a ravine of marble rocks in Bhedaghat.

Corbett Falls, Corbett National Park

Corbett Falls is located close to the Jim Corbett National Park just 3 kms from Kaladhungi. A one and half km walk along a narrow trail leads you to the Corbett Falls. The waters cascading from the height offers tranquility to the tired souls.

Jang Fall, Tawang

The Jang Fall aka Nuranang Water Fall amid green mountain valley is located at a distance of about 40 kms from the famous city of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. It is quite close to the Jang village. The Jang Falls, apart from providing captivating natural beauty also generates hydro electricity. A trek of 200 meters from the micro hydro power station takes you to the base of the Jang Fall, on the banks of the Tawang chu river. Best time to visit is from mid September to mid November.