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Top 10 Sweet Capitals in India

Kiomoi, 10 Best Series LogoPetha, Agra: As famous as the Taj Mahal is a sweet meat preparation of Agra known as Petha. Made with white pumpkin, more than 50 mouth watering varieties are available all over Agra. Famous varieties that do a brisk sale include Angoori Petha, Cube Petha and Mango Petha.



Peda, Mathura

Brijbhumi Mathura is known for a very special sweet dish that is a favourite with the Bal Gopal as well as his devotees who throng this pilgrim town. Gokul ke Peda or simply Peda is made with Milk Mawa and pure Ghee. Peda of Mathura and Vrindavan are light brownish in colour, has a wonderful flavour and the tastes divine.

Laddu, Delhi

All of us are aware of the (in)famous saying ``Delhi ka laddu jo khaya pachtaya, Jo nahin khaya pachtaya``. Leave alone that, Motichur Laddus of Delhi made of pure Ghee and with a Kesar flavour is simply irresistible. Shops located in Old Delhi like Bikaner sweets, Ghantewala or Kaleva in Gol Market are famous for the ubiquitous Laddus.

Bal Mithai, Almora

Bal Mithai a sweet dish prepared from Khoya (Condensed Milk) and decorated with small white sugar balls is a popular sweet dish of Almora. Anybody visiting Almora invariably purchases a packet of Bal Mathai. There are about 60 to 65 shops in Almora which prepare Bal Mithai. Khim Singh Mohan Singh is a famous sweet shop selling this mouthwatering sweet.

Mawa Kachori, Jodhpur

Mawa Kachori, a sweet made of Mawa stuffed in Kachori originated from Jodhpur. A trip to Jodhpur is a waste without tasting Mewa Kachori the local delicacy. Sweet shops around Sojati Gate sells the famous Mawa Kachori dipped in sugary syrup.

Shrikhand, Pune

A typical Marathi delicacy is a semi solid soft fermented dairy product called as Srikhand. Pune is especially famous for this sweet dish. Out of the many shops selling Srikhand, Chitale bandhu mithaiwale`s shop at Sadashiv Peth delights the Srikhand aficionados with its taste.

Khaja, Puri

Khaja made with maida, ghee sugar and milk is said to be Lord Jagannatha’s favorite dish as well as speciality sweet of Puri. No wonder that during the Rath Yatra the streets of Puri are lined up with stalls selling Khaja. Eating Khaja in palm-leaf packets adds up to the flavour.

Roshogolla, Pahala

Contrary to popular belief it is not Kolkata but a village called Pahala in Orissa between Cuttack and Bhuvaneshwar on NH 5, which is famous for the original Roshogolla. Buses, cars line up the stalls on the highway tasting this sweet dish. The Roshogollas in Pahala are soft, creamy but not spongy yet more delicious than their Kolkata counterparts.

Sandesh, Kolkata

Kolkata deserves the accolade of "sweet capital of India" for its mind boggling range of sweets, Sandesh made of Chhana is one such special sweet. Sweet Shops across Kolkata sell different varieties of this mouth watering sweet. Popular varieties include, Dilkhush, Abar Khabo, Nalen Gur, Kada pak, Tal sansh. Jalojog and Bhim Nag are the famous Sandesh makers

Mysore Pak, Mysore

There are no guesses for this. The sweet takes its name as it was in the royal kitchens of the Mysore Palace that Mysore Pak was first created. Mysore pak is made using Ghee, sugar and besan flour. Guru Sweet Mart on Sayyaji Rao Road at the entrance of Devaraja Market is a famous name for this popular sweet.