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Ten Best Bridges in India

Kiomoi, 10 Best Series LogoVidya Sagar Setu, Kolkata: The Vidya Sagar Setu, connecting Kolkata and Howrah is the second bridge built over river Hooghly. The bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in India looks magnificent in the night.


Coronation Bridge, Siliguri

In the north east, the Coronation Bridge, also called the Sevok Bridge, connects the hills of Darjeeling to the plains of Jalpaiguri in West Bengal. The bridge crosses the Teesta River at its confluence with the Rangeet River.

Naini Bridge, Allahabad

The bridge built over the Yamuna River, is one of the few cable stayed six lane road bridges in India. It connects Allahabad with Naini. The bridge looks splendid in the night.

Mandovi Bridge, Panjim

In the west coast, linking the towns of Panjim to Porvorim in Goa is the Mandovi Bridge. In the night the lights from the bridge getting reflected in the waters of the Mandovi River is wonderful.

Kali Nadi Bridge, Karwar

Kali Nadi Bridge is built over the Kali River in Karwar, Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Karwar is 520 kms from Bangalore. The bridge is a gateway to Goa from Karnataka.

Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram

The Pamban Bridge aka Indira Gandhi Bridge connects Rameswaram to the Indian mainland. It lies on the Palk Strait. A walk on the bridge is memorable with the view of the sea and the string of islands located to the left of the Pamban Island.

Mathoor Hanging Bridge, Kanyakumari

Mathoor hanging bridge was constructed across the river Parazhiyar and the Pattanamkal canal (trough canal). Located 50 km from Kanyakumari it is the longest and tallest trough bridge in Asia. The view of the river below and the greenery around takes your breath away!

Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh

Up north, Lakshman Jhula, the perennial favourite of the tourists is a hanging bridge across Ganga. The bridge is 450 feet long and is constructed at a height of 70 feet from the river. The landmark bridge presents a wonderful sight of the river below, the temples and the Ashrams around.

Dera Gopipur Bridge, Dehra

The Beas Bridge or DeraGopipur Bridge is the main USP of Dehra a small town in Himachal, 537 kms from Delhi. It`s a huge bridge connecting Dehra to Gopipur. The green waters of Beas against the backdrop of lower Shivaliks make the visit worthwhile. The rain fed Beas looks majestic after the monsoon.

Bridge No. 226 on Kalka Shimla Railway, Kalka

The Kalka Shimla Railway line is full of breathtaking stone bridges. A bridge that deserves special mention is the 97.4 m long and 19.3 m high bridge no. 226. It lies between the Sonwara and Dharampur stations. This arch-gallery bridge is the longest such bridge on the Kalka Shimla Railway(KSR).