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Rameshwaram: The kashi of South

Travel Facts

Time Count: 2 Days

It`s Hot: Max Temp: 38°C, It`s Cold: Min Temp 33°C

Peak Season: October to April

360° View: Ramanathaswamy Temple, Agnitheertham , Dhanushkhodi, Coral Reef, Kurusadai Islands, Erwadi, Gandamadana Temple

Fest-Delights: Bramhottsava, Mahashivaratri

Drop 2 Shop: Government Shops, Khadicraft

Hailed as `Kashi (Varanasi) of South`, Rameshwaram is a conch-shaped island in the Palk Street, where the Bay of Bengal meets the Arabian Sea. This island, 31 miles long and 7 miles wide, is described in the Puranas as Gandhamandana Hills. Skanda Puranas, the sacred book of Hindu describes Rameshwaram`s significance in golden words, and also states the prominence of visiting the temple. Famed for its sacredness Rameshwaram has many more hallowed stops, some known and others unknown. Take at least two days to take a trip of Rameshwaram and near-by excursions of this holy island. Step on the holy island in Gulf of Mannar, where once Rama, the Hindu god, came in search of Sita, his wife who was abducted by the Demon King Ravana, and thus built a bridge to cross the sea. The bridge was later destroyed as in to prevent the invasion of infiltrators into Lanka. The temple here is erected as a reminder of legendary chapters of Indian Mythology. Connected to mainland of Mandapam, Rameshwaram is an exhibition of India`s engineering wonder in the name Indira Gandhi Bridge. However Rameshwaram is smoothly accessible by all transport means, i.e., Rail, Air and Road. The nearest rail head is Chennai while Madurai provides the nearest Airhead to Rameshwaram. A fine network of road links Rameshwaram to other significant states and cities of India. After you reach, fetch for a perfect accommodation here settle down to set forth.

Day One

Rameshwaram is beatified land of sea shells, coral reefs, sun, sand and endless sea with an arched halo of spiritual environ. On your first day you wake to the beckon panorama of Rameshwaram. The best is to start your journey from Ramanathaswamy Temple.

>>Stop1: Ramanathaswamy Temple

This 17th century temple stands on the eastern shore of an islands which is shaped like a conch, which Lord Vishnu is believed to bear in one of his hands. Prominently, the temple is recognized for its 1200 strong and bold pillars, of which the temple is made up of. The entire temple construction extends over a period of 350 years; 72 villages granted for its maintenance. The temple buildings are very large and cover an area of 865 feet from east to west, and 657 feet from North to South. The vast prakarams and elaborate Gopurams exhibit the peculiarities of Dravidian style of architecture. Inside the temple there are 22 such tirthams where you can bathe in obeisance to the god.

>>Stop 2: Setu Madhva

Just close to Rameshwaram Temple Setu Madhva is a Vaishnavite shrine called as Setu Madhava. As goes the narration, Lord Vishnu transformed himself a brahmin called Setu Madhava and resided here to possess secret love for king`s daughter. It was only found later that the Brahmin was declared as incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

>>Stop 3: Agniteertham

At 200 m away from the temple, at a stone`s throw distance from the main shrine, stretches the Agniteertham. The place is famous for Lord Rama`s penance for Shiva to absolve himself from the sin of killing Ravana.

>> Stop 4: Gandamandana Parvatham

Rameshwaram is full of shrines and sacred places, Gandamandana, at 2 km from Rameshwaram, is being one of them. The shrine of Parvatham`s specialty is the imprint of Lord Rama`s feet placed on the Chakra.

Take a break for the day and move back to your hotel. Your trip will be accompanied by many more discoveries of Rameshwaram.

Day Two

Wake up to explore the land of temples once again. Ferrying in the local transports like auto-rickshaw and buses of Rameshwaram is all the more interesting as it introduces you to city locales at the cheapest prices.

>>Stop5: Dhanushkhodi

Eight km from Rameshwaram, at the southern tip lies Dhushkhodi after Rama`s bow. The boulders visible here is believed to be a remainder of the bridge that Rama`s monkey army had built to cross Lanka. The bridge was dilapidated from a cyclone and today that is left to see are the remains here is an ancient temple and its idols of figures from the epic.

>>Stop 6: Kurusadai Islands

Besides the temple Rameshwaram is famous for Kurusadai Islands, a marine site of interests. A beautiful site of coral reefs and shelter of sea-creatures. Take a boat ride along the islands.

>>Stop7: Adam`s Bridge

Discover this chain of reefs, islets that almost connects Sri Lanka with India. According to the Indian Mythology the Bridge was constructed by Hanuman, sita`s rescuer.

>>Stop 8: Erwadi

Erwadi (21 km) is a Muslim Shrine built where it has the tomb of Ibrahim Syed Aulia. An annual festival in memory of the saint is held every December.

Shopping In Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram doesn`t have colourful shops, rather is famous for exquisite handicrafts and decorative souvenirs. Although Rameshwaram is a beautiful island, the place boasts of lot many small selling items like sea shells, conch, different items made from palm leaf, beads and seashells. Khadicraft is the place from where you can purchase your handicraft items. Rameshwaram silk sarees are very popular among the ladies. The street leading from the beach(Agni Theertham) to Ramanathaswamy Temple are jammed with small-time shops that are loaded with items like mirror, shell key-chains, jeweleries like necklace, earrings and rings made of sea shells.

Eating Out in Rameshwaram

The land of temples and mythological connection is also famous for delectable South Indian Cuisines. Rameshwaram serves you a sumptuous platter of idduppi, chetitnad, kadambmeen, sura, menu, Kezhanan, elaneer payasem. A famous marine food-processing center Rameshwaram is popular for its established fishing industry. In fact prawns and other marine products are exported to different parts of the world. Try various sea foods and delicacies prepared with great taste.

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