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The Original Inhabitants of the Himalayan Kingdom

The tribes in Manali are said to be the original inhabitants of the Himalayan kingdom. One can come face to face with their real traditions by closely observing their customs and rituals. The tribes of the region are the true representatives of Manali people, culture and festivals.There are various tribes in manali, which depict the socio- cultural variation and liveliness of the place.
The main city of Manali comprises of a mixed population, they are mostly well educated. However, the local customs and rituals of the indigenous tribes can be experienced around the city of Manali. Most of the local inhabitants are the original tribal community of Kinnaur. About 90% of the locals communicate in manali language however due to continue contact with outsiders, rest of the group also speaks Hindi and other Pahari languages. Gujjars are a prominent tribal group that dwells in the environs of Manali. Most of them are hunters and gatherers who keep on moving from one place to another in search of food and fodder. The diverse ceremonies and customs of the racial tribes of Manali make the place more colorful and attractive to tourists. 

Folk Dances of Manali

The various tribal communities that dwell in and around Manali follow different customs and traditions. The various native folk dances of Manali reflect the rich traditions of the tribes. The dance forms when performed with the proper musical instruments and folk songs, reflect the creative imagination and artistic talent of the dancers. The Naati, Karthi, Kayang and Bakayang are the commendable performing arts of the areas in and around Manali. Each of the dance forms is related with a particular event and is performed on special festive occasion. For instance Naati dance form is performed in all festive occasion, whereas Karthi dance depicts the importance of the harvest festival. Apart from the performers, the viewers also enjoy every step of the folk dances. The dance is performed with dedication and enthusiasm. The tribal society encourages the participation of all the members in the folk dance. However most of the participants who faultlessly perform the traditional art are the young Manali people.

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