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Gulmarg: A Dream Destination

State: Jammu and Kashmir

Altitude: 8,694 feet

Temparature: Max. 14.4°C, Min. 30.8°C;

How Freezing: Max -5°C, Min.8.8

Best season to visit: All Round the Year

Eateries: Hotel Highlands Park, Hotel Yamberzal, Other Dhabas

Up the downslope, amidst meadow of flower and snow, toward 57 km from South West of Srinagar, lays a pretty hill station of Gulmarg. An oft-frequented excursion from Srinagar, Gulmarg is a tapestry of behemoth grassy expanse, cup-shaped meadow ringed by fir trees and snowy peaks. It was one of the most frequented stops of Raj era and known to carry the trend till date by attracting a large number of tourists to its most sought after snowy pinnacles. Stand anywhere in Gulmarg and you can whole hog the snowy undulations and unfathomable scenes with strong resemblance of Switzerland. Above all Gulmarg is tagged as — pollution free, tourist peak. So go on hogging that visual imagery Gulmarg exposes unto you.

How to Reach Gulmarg

Airways – Gulmarg lies at a distance of only 56 km away from Srinagar, which happens to be the prominent airport of the region.

By Rail – Jammu is the closest railway station from Gulmarg. Several trains from all parts of this country arrive at this station.

By Road - Gulmarg is connected with efficient and smooth network of roads, even tough being a hilly zone of India. The major centres for moving are en route Srinagar.

Gulmarg’s Attractions

>>One: Skiing

If Gulmarg deserve its place in the sun, it is because of Skiing, its gentle slopes are perfect for the beginners. Adventure buffs have an additional option of skiing down from the gondola car at Kongdor. For Ski enthusiasts there is a wealth of ski gear on hire and if you need to get hauled to the Ski tops do add an extra penny of Rs 500 in order to get a true feel there.

>>Two: Golf

Oh ... there is a touch of royalty at that altitude. Gulmarg has two of the highest golf venues in the world. It was locus for state championship until 1990. You can have a game of golf at golf club here.

>>Three: Treks

Gulmarg`s highest peak, Affarwat that lies to the west is a feast for the trekkers. Walk and walk on the snow to learn more about Gulmarg.

>>Four: Pilgrimage Point

Maharani Temple is a distinguished Hindu temple in the lap of Gulmarg. The sight might ring familiar to many as the temple has often been pictured in our Hindi movies. The temple was built by Mohini Bai Sisodia, the wife of the King Maharaja Hari Singh of erstwhile kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir, during the 20th century. The temple is also famous by the name of Mohineshwar Shivalalaya and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Maharani temple is located on pristine surroundings on a small hillock in the centre of the Gulmarg hill station. The temple premises offer its visitors an aura for meditation and prayer.

>>Five: Gondola

A pretty scenic boondock in the heart of Gulmarg, Gondola’s fame stems from its excellent, awesome surroundings. Cemented with sequestered charm of un-discovered quaintness, Gondola is popular for its Gondola lift. Gondola lift is a cable car service operating between Gondola — Kongdoor.

Shop Un-limit-ed: Gulmarg throws in ample of scope to shop unlimited. There are many exciting items/souvenirs such as semi precious stones, saffron, shawls, embroidered shawls, decorative items in walnut wood to fill your bags with. Well, new comers can check out places such as Polo View, Residency Road and Lambert Lane for shawls, pherans, and jewellery and so on so forth. Some other delighting items that can cost you a trip and two to markets are the cricket bats, fancy jewelleries with a touch of Kashmir fineness, limestone mortars are many inexpensive items.

There also good numbers of budget as well as luxury Hotels in Gulmarg located near the snow draped mountain provides all the comforts and luxuries at best price tags. The travelers can also avail Gulmarg Tour Packages which include a stay at one of the finest hotels in gulmarg, platter of meals and a cab service to commute with in the precincts of the region.