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Coorg: Beauty at it’s best

The former summer refuge of Brits, Coorg is bedaubing with plenitude of incomparable beauty. Every bit, right from the roads to the lodges, home stays to the panoramic valleys, waterfalls to meadows is laden with unsurpassed natural beauty. An éclat of bounties of nature, Madikeri lies on the Western Ghats of Karnataka state. Ideally, Coorg is one place to lose your self and never return from. The real Coorg lays ensconce in its escalating valley characterized by unending expanse of coffee verdure and roaring water falls, farmlands of pepper and nutmeg, lemon, grass and ripen Oranges. Formerly called as Kodagu, it was rechristened to Coorg, the anglicised version of Kodagu, for this lolling moniker proved to be a difficult spell for the erstwhile British rulers of India.

The landscape here is painted with different strokes of beauty, of which river Cauvery is so much woven in the fabric of Coorg. Replete with naturalness and beatitude, Coorg is a fecund land beyond believe. It is carpeted and covered in almost every hue of green, veiled with white mist all over, and its pulchritude specked with rosewood forests, bamboo and sandalwood. In Coorg, wild beasts and martial race of brave men and women command a second and third glimpse with of sharp profiles.

But, not all is encapsulated in Cauvery and Coffee in Coorg! This land of Kodavas or Coorgis, as it is fondly called, have a populace which represents a blend of religiosity, admiration and philanthropists. Pork, the favourite dish, rules the taste of people and is widely eaten in the town. Kodagu is a state of polytheists and the primary deity of state is Lord Iggutappa, the most important local God who is an incarnation of Lord Subramani, the God of snakes, rain, harvest and rice. Just as people and culture reigns this sinfully striking home of Kodavans, festivals are integral part of the popular culture here. Centered on agriculture and war, Coorgis observes three major festivals: Kailpodhu, Kaveri Shankaramana and the harvest thanksgiving at Puttari, enjoyed with grand pomp and gaiety.
Welcome Kodagu- A beautiful destination.

Updated on March 2009