Team Profile

It is actually the concerted efforts of Team Kiomoi who are helping us to achieve high voltage performance and differentiates the folks on the awards podium from those who 'also ran'. At present the following teams are working at Kiomoi


A young bunch, who are the lifeline of Kiomoi, they are responsible for capturing and converting the leads. Always busy like a bee.

Tech Team:

The 'brain of Kiomoi'? takes care of all the hardcore tech things like site enhancement, maintenance of existing sites, Admin, Booking Engine optimization et al. They are the people working relentlessly to troubleshoot all the involved systems.

Content & SEO:

Responsible for all matters 'Cerebral' the very face behind the soon to be launched Travel Guides, Blogs, PRs and all that you see written at Kiomoi's website. SEO is virtually a one man army constantly pushing and striving for improving the rankings and searchability of Kiomoi.


Community: Virtually the public face of Kiomoi through QNA, forums and other genres of Social Media.

Business Development:

Development: A portfolio that involves lots of traveling, selling and scouting in short a lot of offline behind the scene work.