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Maharashtra The powerhouse of India!”

General Information
Maharashtra-the land of Marathi speaking people is one of the largest states in India both in terms of population and area. The varied cultural heritage of this enticing land casts a spell over the visitors. Its thriving capital Mumbai, makes it not only one of the most significant states thriftily, but also a chief entry for overseas visitors. The word ‘Maharashtra’ is a derivative of the word ‘Maharshrtri’ which is a previous form of ‘Prakrit’. This tantalizing land of Maharashtra is flowing with milk and honey in terms of the economy. The population of Maharashtra accounts for just 10 percent of the total population of India but it has a major contribution in the gross value of India’s Industrial sector. It accounts to nearly one-fourth of the gross value in the industrial sector of India. The riches of the land are gaining ground over the years.
From the time of the classic Mahabharatha the area called Vidharba is one besides Marathwada, which embraces the land of Maharashtra today. The first dynasty that ruled over the land of Maharashtra was the Mauryan dynasty. They ruled the land in the lap of luxury. After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, several other dynasties ruled the land of Maharashtra. During that time Maharashtra made rapid strides. Each of these dynasties left behind their distinctive marks till the 18th century after which the British came at power. The British have a strong role in making Maharashtra a powerhouse of India. In the year 1960, Maharashtra and Gujarat were separated giving statehood to Maharashtra.

The Sahyadri Range is the best part of the panorama of Maharashtra. This range is the physical backbone of the state. The estimated height of the range is around 1000m. The section between the Sahyadri Range and the Arabian Sea is called the Konkan. The average height of Konkan is mostly below 200 m. The landscape here is very uneven. Maharashtra is located in the north center of Peninsular India. On the west side it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, by Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh on the north and in the south by Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Maharashtra is a land brimming with raindrops. Whole of the year it’s raining buckets on the land. The beautiful climate of Maharashtra can only be experienced and not describes as seeing is believing. There are three seasons existing in Maharashtra hot, rainy, and winter.
The people of Maharashtra are firm believers of Ganapati. The major religion in the state is Hinduism. Then there are Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and Jains also in small amounts.
Languages Spoken
The archeological find of this area can be traced to virtually the 3rd century BC, which is when the Maharastri language, a Prakrit corruption of Sanskrit, was then in use. Marathi, which advanced from Maharastri-Prakrit, has been the lingua franca of the people of Maharashtra from the 10th century onwards.
People / Population
Maharashtra has a vast population of about 9,97,52,247. It accounts for 10 percent of the total population of India.
Places to Visit / Attractions

There are umpteenth numbers of places in Maharashtra that can lure the tourists to this land. Some of the major tourists attractions of Maharashtra are:

  • Elephanta
  • Gateway of India
  • Bibi ka maqbara
  • Ajanta caves
  • Ellora caves
  • Hajji Ali Mosque
Adventure Sports

Maharashtra is an ideal place for people who have a hunger for adventure. The state provides many avenues for adventure seekers. Maharashtra is no longer just the moneymaking hotspot it is famed to be. Breathtaking sights of utter beauty smear the length and breadth of this stunning state. Major adventure activities in Maharashtra are:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Trekking
  • Water sports
  • Sailing
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