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Natraj Hotel, Rishikesh

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Natraj Hotel, Rishikesh
Dehradun Road, Rishikesh, Uttaranchal, uttaranchal, India.
Overall Rating
Stayed During
Jun 2011
"Mismanaged, Unhygienic and in Poor condition" Hotel Natraj is located right in the centre of the city at the main roundabout. It is one of the bigger hotels in the area that has decent parking and big rooms. I stayed here once last year during the infamous "Kaanwaad" period. This was my 2nd stay at Natraj after my disastrous stay in the "Hill Top Swiss Cottage" the first night in Rishikesh. My stay was in first week of June, 2012 for the hotel's Deluxe Double room for Rs 3,600. Hotel Room: The room is quite big (even bigger than needed) and I think that the space could have been used much much more wisely. -Firstly, the hotel seems to be run all by waiters. There was no Manager visible on duty. For such a large establishment, this was a bit weird. -Hygiene in the room was horrible at the least. There were tons of mosquitoes to accompany us in each corner of the room. -Bathroom was big, but not in line with the exorbitant fare that was charged. There was not a single hook to hang your clothes. Conclusion: Given a choice again, I would think twice about staying at this place again. It is sad that such a great prospect is going to waste due to sheer negligence on part of the management. P.S. There was a big insect on one of the Pooris I ordered, thus proving the hygiene of the hotel. written by Gautam Dhar on 11-Jun-2012
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