Tea Garden of Darjeeling

If you ever want to visit and experience tea gardens then Darjeeling is a must visit the place. The gardens can be found within the city limits and also you will be able to see them as you travel around to visit nearby places. When I decided to go visit the gardens my driver took me to one of the nearby gardens and I was so happy, also the weather that day was pleasant enough to go around for a walk in the gardens as well. And as I reached a garden I get down the car, I was so excited that started walking and running towards to garden. I did click lots of pictures and was curious to know how Tea leaves are processed to form into a powder form. My driver promised me to take me to a tea factory and as we started and walked out of the garden it started to rain cats & dogs, hence we stood at a shop near the garden. The shopkeeper lady offered me varieties of tea for me to taste and finally ended up buying 5 packets for me &  my friends.

Overall it was a memorable time spent at the Tea gardens of Darjeeling.