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Vrindavan, just 15 km from Mathura, is another major place of pilgrimage. It is noted for its numerous temples - both old and modern. Beautiful Vrindavan is filled with cintamani gems and many jewel palaces and temples. The many temples in Vrindavan are seen at their best during Janmashthami, Holi and Radhasthimi. There …more
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are many attractive temples such as the Pagal Baba Temple, Bankey Bihari Temple, The Govind Dev Temple, The Rangaji Temple and many other Temples.
While in Vrindavan vacationers can avail the different Hotels in Vrindavan which are available in all categories. If vacationers are visiting Vrindavan during Janmashthami or Holi it is advisable to book these hotels online on Kiomoi.com beforehand to avoid last minute rush. Hotels in Vrindavan however the guest houses and 200 or so Dharamshalas located in the hub of the city more than makes up for it. They offer vacationers a comfortable and neat accommodation at a reasonable price. The Vrindavan Hotels are located in the hub of the city and therefore easily accessible from all the points.
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