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Tuljapur is a peaceable city which is located on the hills Yamunachala, on the ranges of the sahayadri region in Maharashtra's near Sholapur. It is one of the marvelous pilgrimage center in the state of Maharashtra. The place has been witnessing regular flow of tourist and pilgrim in the recent years. …more
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The town of Tuljapur was earlier known as Chinchpur, the land of tamarind trees. The major attraction of this scenic village is the holy temple dedicated to Goddess Bhavani, one of the forms of Goddess Durga. The village got its name from this temple known as Tulja Bahavani Temple. This place is located in close proximity of many sigh seeing places. This is the only reason that tourist come to visit this place from across the globe. If vacationers are looking for accommodation at this place they no need to worry for accommodation because there are lots of hotel are available to full fill the requirement of vacationers, they can choose any one out of them. If vacationers are looking for luxurious accommodation then they can choose 5 star Hotels in Tuljapur all are available for visitors. If vacationers do not have enough balance then they can go for Budget Hotels in Tulajpur, and resort in Tulajpur are also the part of the accommodation in Tulajpur.
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