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Tawang is a renowned town in Arunachal Pradesh. The beautiful town offers bird's-eye views of huge mountains, beautiful valleys, waterfalls and lakes which are a part of its surrounding. While in Tawang, travelers will be hypnotized to see the beautiful lakes around. Pankang Teng Lake is one of them. It offers a visual …more
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treat for the tourists and also a chance for closeness to nature. The natural site is alluring. Apart from nature beauty, place is also influenced by the Buddhism, Tawang is a major center of the Buddhist learning. This destination is also dotted with ample of sight seeing places such as Tawang Monastery, most important attraction of the Tawang town is the Tawang Monastery which is one of the best and largest in India. This monastery belongs to the Gelugpa sect and was constructed by the Mera Lama in 1681. The monastery gave the town its name. Its history dates back to the 17th century. The word Tawang means 'horse chosen'. This is the historical event which is associated with this city.
There are a few Resorts and Hotels in Tawang that suit the needs and preferences of almost all types of tourists. There are star hotels in Tawang and luxury Resorts in Tawang for those who like to stay in opulence. For the budget-minded there are a number of cheap hotels in Tawang and budget Hotels in Tawang at provide basic needs and comforts at the cheapest of prices. Most Tawang Hotels offer views of the beautiful valley and the lush greenery that lies around. Almost all hotels in Tawang have their own restaurant, so food should hardly be a problem for tourists to Tawang. Book Hotels in Tawang in advance to avoid last minute hassles.
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