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Pandharpur is a Blessed place in Solapur district. It is also called as Southern Kashi and people from all over India come here to visit the house of God of Vitthal. The Vitthal Rukmini temples are considered very beatified by the Hindus. …more
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The river Bhima flowing here and the temples are located on the riverbanks. The sanctified river is called as Chandrabhaga, as it flows in a semicircular shape that resembles the moon. There are many other temples in Pandharpur worth visiting. There is a Laxmi temple, Pundalik temple, the Vishnupad temple, Trimbakeshwar temple, Gopalpur and Shri Ram temple. Since pandharpur has a lot of spiritual importance, many visit this place. It has developed as a traveler place and has good accommodation facilities. There is a Padmavati Tank where vacationers can stay. It has 23 self-contained rooms and Dormitories which can be used to stay. vacationers can find basic facilities here at competitive rates. There are a number of dharmashalas in Pandharpur. These belong to various trusts and provide the vacationers with free lodgings. There are also a number of ashrams in Pandharpur. Vacationers can stay there if they decide to stay at Pandharpur. The fares to these rooms are very less and they have just the basic amenities like a bed, fan, mirror and toilet facilities. If vacationers want to have a stay at any five star hotels then they can choose any five star hotel, or a deluxe hotel Pandharpur to stay, Apart from this vacationers can stay at Solapur situated at a distance of one hour from Pandharpur
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