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About Kukke Subrahmanya Tourism
Kukke Subramanya is one of the most fantastic and religious service places in the state of Karnataka. Lapped in the luxurious abundance of the beauty of the nature the village of Subramanya lies in the Sullia Taluk in Dakshina Kannada with a sancity which is very few places can boast of. …more
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Hotels in Kukke Subrahmanya

The temple is situated in the heart of the village. Nature reveals herself in all her unhidden beauty in the rivers, forests and mountains which the temples is surrounded by. Kukke Subramanya, dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya, is a Hindu temple situated in Subrahmanya, in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. The God Subrahmanya is worshiped for his divine power as a snake as the epics relate that the divine serpent Vasuki and other snakes found safety under God Subrahmanya. It is famous for Sarpa Samsakara or Sarpa Dosha. The temple is about 105 km from Mangalore. The temple lies on the banks of the river Kumaradhara.

Though a small town, there is no dearth of Hotels in Kukke Subramanya. These are mainly situated around the temple area and are basically there to cater to needs of the huge number of devotees that turn up to pay visits to the God Subrahmanya Temple. Most all the Hotels in Kukke Subramanya offer good comforts and have in house restaurants that serve a variety of pure vegetarian dishes. The town is mostly vegetarian, owning to the religiosity attached to it. One can find cheap hotels as well as Budget Hotels in Kukke Subramanya. Vacationers can book a Kukke Subramanya Hotels in advance as the town is always brimming with devotees and finding the right hotel might be tough at the last minute.

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